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  1. 5'10 and 104 pounds? That is extremely thin.
  2. Demure

    Lindsay Lohan

    They popped up over night, there is no way they are real.
  3. Aurelie looks a little like Alessandra in the face.
  4. Demure

    Emmy Rossum

    GORGEOUS! Thank you!!
  5. Demure

    Lindsay Lohan

    Whatever they are, they are fake.
  6. Sorry Nine, didn't know it was yours. I saw it on a random site and thought I'd post it.
  7. No idea where this is from:
  8. I have no idea where this is from: Link contains NUDITY!! http://img108.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img108&ima...age=ana68ap.jpg
  9. I'm sure everyone has seen these, but I thought I'd post them again.
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