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  1. 聖誕節快樂!!!!

  2. 聖誕快樂:D

  3. 生日快樂^_^

  4. I have been saw this guy many times. But I dont know who is he?! Who can tell me about his information?
  5. yes! he is so handsome! i love his long hair in "Paris, je t'aime "
  6. someone know when the moive "the black balloon" will produce in theater?? i mean in Asia!!
  7. oh...ya! I think is Felix Kronberg-Jensen. Thanks a lot!! Persuazn I saw the video in youtube. It is called "Burberry SS07 Backstage" He was appeared in the video. He is so handsome. ha ha...
  8. I want to know a model. I just know his is Felix. Is it his firstname or lastname? I don't know his real name. I know he had walked Burberry S/S 07 who can help me??
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