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    COFFEE!, chocolate, just food, animals, drawing, cooking, movies, tv
  1. Thank you for all posts! they were all great!
  2. I remember seeing this woman somewhere... I ll find more pics. Shes prety.
  3. She is really beutiful! (Elmer Olsen Models)
  4. Oh ok. Why does she call herself Vlada? Sorry, I'm new to her
  5. russy

    CD's You own

    Ah I don't own many CD's Mostly I like wierd music. I have... Ulver - Nattens Madrigal Ulver - Perdition City Ulver - Blood Inside Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness Head Control System - Murder Nature Peccatum - The Moribund People Peccatum - Lost in Reverie When - Whenever Can't find most of my music in stores I must almost allways buy then on line.
  6. You link doesn't seem to want to work for me, iQupgrade
  7. She isnt my favrite model but i think she looks so pretty in some pics that makes me like her very much, like this: Numero Also Vlada is SUCH a prety name!
  8. Looking for pics of Marta , I came across some pics of this woman that I thought I share with you City Models
  9. I think Marta is very prety! A pic I havent seen before City Models I really like her in this Valentino ad models.com Will find more pics later
  10. Nationality: Russian Date of Birth: 1988 Height: 5
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