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  1. If this twitte is true our girl is already on his way to Bali. This girl is from Singapore. Eric Ng @Lazylah Eric Ng ❤my adorable girl. Called me up soon as she touched down to tell me she met her idol blake lively on her flight.
  2. Another video where she talks about Savage.
  3. How Ryan thinks spending Valentine's Day What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Celebrating it on Feb. 13th or the 15th. That’s how I roll. http://ryanreynolds.net/2012/02/03/chicago...-ryan-reynolds/
  4. Tks Amie. I love the clothes she looks so happy unlike the photos taken on the set of GG. She is shining. Contrary to Ryan he looks so exhausted. I think he need a vacation. I just see him on the BBC
  5. Do not know how but I have to buy this magazine Is the best More photos from today
  6. Her tone turns modest, as she reveals she’s pretty shy and doesn’t really go out on dates. “I’ve never gone on a date… If I’ve ever had a man in my life, it’s because I know him well, and he really means something to me. I don’t take that stuff lightly. I’d rather be by myself than be spending any time or energy on somebody that I didn’t feel sure about,” she said. With that said, Blake isn’t really into strangers approaching her and trying to make small talk. (Sorry guys!) I like this. This girl is very smart
  7. GodivaChoc Godiva Chocolatier Blake Lively has arrived to announce #Godiva and @SparksNicholas VDay Sweetest Love Story Sweeps! GodivaChoc Godiva Chocolatier Blake Lively and @SparksNicholas - thank you for a wonderful launch of the #Godiva Sweetest Love Story Sweeps Blake Lively's favorite Vday tradition is getting #Godiva with her dad for her mom! So sweet!
  8. After all it seems is a new event in Godiva now Blake Lively just told us her longest relationship ever has been with chocolate, @GodivaChoc that is... Mine too Blake
  9. Do not know if this is new? Blake and Nicholas Sparks?
  10. Blake Lively Covers Elle, Doesn’t Sleep Around In the March issue of Elle, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively shows off her ridiculously good looks and fashion sense, modeling a red-hot Michael Kors swimsuit, suede and patent leather sandals by Pierre Hardy, a Blumarine jacket and other items. Items most mortals couldn’t afford, and wouldn’t help us look as good as her anyway. Oh well! Did we mention she also dates Ryan Reynolds? Some people … On top of all that, Blake actually seems like a cool girl and pretty down to Earth for a star on the rise. Excerpts from the 24-year-old’s interview with Elle … On the men in her life: “I’ve had four boyfriends in my whole life. I’ve never been with anyone that’s not a boyfriend. If I spend time with a man, it’s because there’s somebody that I know well who has been a friend for a while.“ On not having a stylist: “When I go to an event, I’ll send Christian (Louboutin) a picture of my outfit and say, ‘What shoes do you think I should wear with this?’” On kids: “I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they better be trannies. I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated.” On reports that she and Ryan are apartment hunting: “Newspapers say a lot of stuff. I wish I could afford half the places I hear I’m looking at. Sign me up!”
  11. Another one I love this
  12. I'm speechless! Au! Au! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. More from today. Oh! please why the paparazzi don't leave her alone:clobber: I like to see her, but this is too much
  14. Yes great great . I love the sneakers to.
  15. I'll try to get the video or see if someone puts on the net. The program is "Corazon Corazon."
  16. Oh! This is so funny I saw a TV program of the Spanish Canary Islands (they are very close to my island) RR giving autographs in Madrid, I could not see where. A girl says to him: We have one thing in common. He looks at her and she replies: Both love Blake Lively. Everyone started laughing. He smiled from ear to ear. :) The Spanish are really bold
  17. Oh! poor thing she is sure to pass a bad phase. Whenever Blake has a problem the parents come to her. MoniTurki Moniera Alsaud Just saw blake lively! MoniTurki Moniera Alsaud Blake lively's parents are very sweet! MoniTurki Moniera Alsaud @iHeartKaroline yes she was with her parents they were shooting gossip girl in nyc!
  18. Video from RR em Madrid.what's wrong with RR he looks very tired, even depressed
  19. Photos of GG yesterday. Blake was stunning as always. I enjoyed her participation in the episode. I like how she can say everything at a glance. Oh! I am Derena fã so . I like this
  20. I promised myself not to read the comments today. But ... Apparently the opposite of what I think people are angry . Here are some: blake was great as a drug addict in town. so she has experience That's too bad. She was great in The Town! It really is disrespectful of her career for that story to get out before all the particulars were worked out. all the rumors started about the company that pulled out before she had signed on to play the character was unfair. This more than likely happens more often than not, a studio wants one star , the director another and the producer another. All because little trust fund baby gurls didn't want to invest in a movie because of a jealous rage over blake? wow. im not going to see this movie anymore. i think by the producer kneeling to these girls who have NO class and perpetrating the problem in hollywood is sick. this is why movies suck now. its all controlled by losers!
  21. Yes girls I agree with everything you said. Blake was the first choice. I think she will surprise us this year with a new project. Blake will always be a fighter. It is indeed a very sad moment for us and anger. But better days ahead. So let us cheer
  22. I'm speechless. It is unfair
  23. Another video from GG 100 episode . I like the expression of Blake after the Mayer say Xoxo. Welcome Valentina we miss you http://www.usatoday.com/video/gossip-girl-...e/1416496374001
  24. These two really love dogs
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