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  1. Looking deliciously evil as Shakespeare's Richard III image released by BBC Two
  2. Hell yeah!!! A major award, well deserved and looooong overdue! I am baffled that he hasn't won a BAFTA for Sherlock yet.
  3. Killing me, that's so two years ago.

  4. British Airways' High Life magazine basically, Khan on ice wearing the Sherlock's scarf and playing with doggies Cover and editorial Article: http://highlife.ba.com/Destinations/Benedict-Cumberbatch-ice-driving-in-Finland.html A couple of BTS photos and the one published online Source: http://deareje.tumblr.com/, @greenofrichmond on twitter, http://highlife.ba.com/
  5. Yes, I meant characters, not actors. Now that I have seen both versions I think both Benedict and Jonny Lee were fantastic as the Creature. Honestly, equally great, even though each in their own way. On the downside, however, was Jonny Lee's Victor - not quite as convincing as I had expected. He played obsession on the verge of insanity, but, unfortunately, his character didn't give me the impression of a person of superior intelligence. Benedict's portrayal of Frankenstein was way more balanced. Actually, spot on.
  6. damn Imagine, if navigation systems spoke in his voice! If it were like this, I would stop being a lazy a$$ and would finally obtain my driving licence Oh I don't know... Again, might be quite a bit distracting and probably not so good for safety and traffic . Well, my driving skills suck anyway. I like these! I am no fan of Alice Eve, but she and BC look good together. It appears that Khan had actually dated his arch-enemy's daughter before he broke her leg .
  7. Speaking of cool baddies, I can't help posting this, narrated by BC: Oh it's good to be bad! Yes, they probably had done some work together before Sherlock, but Benedict mentioned 'Atonement' in one of his interviews: Source: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/benedict-cumberbatch-and-louise-brealey-discuss-sherlock-at-cheltenham-literary-festival/ Well, given his amazing versatility, it's not at all surprising now that they cast him as Sherlock. Perhaps I should re-watch 'Atonement' and see if Sherlock was actually showing a little bit in Paul Marshall though.
  8. Haha, the loincloth (that's what you mean, right?) worked for me actually. I guess full nudity might be a bit distracting, especially if Benny C plays the Creature. I'm so with you on this. Oh, wait, I did like that funny little guy, Scotty. He added a nice comedy touch to the otherwise totally humorless film. And the music, to me, wasn't bad either. I haven't watched 'Inseparable' yet. BC's role in 'Atonement' is very small, and his character is disgusting :x . But it was this role that inspired Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to cast him as Sherlock. Isn't it crazy, the way those creative minds work?
  9. Frankenstein was amazing! I seriously envy those lucky people who could watch the live performance. Jonny Lee Miller's Creature blew me away, now I simply must watch the other version and see if Benedict was as good as his co-star (or, who knows, even better, he is quite capable of that). Oh no! Was it a real struggle for you then?
  10. my answer is Anyway I've given up trying to pretend I am normal, because I have never been it Haha, the gif is hilarious The one in which he is Victor Frankenstein in my case. But I'm pretty sure I'll want to watch the other one as well. Oh, you've gone through them all so quickly! I'm still in the middle of Series 1. But I've got a major Cumberbatch overdose already, don't really want to aggravate it even further ... "Frankenstein" tomorrow... oh well...
  11. I know, I know . "I am a grown-up, respectful fan" I think I should put it on my T-shirt. Thank you soooooo much for posting this! I had had no idea about such an opportunity to see some of BC’s theatre work. I looked it up and, yay, “Frankenstein” IS on in a local cinema in my city! Have already booked a couple of tickets for Friday night and can’t wait!
  12. I keep asking myself the same question :notsure: . What a coincedence! So did I, today, I'm not kidding ! I really enjoyed the first two episodes I have listened to so far, and not just because Benedict is in it. All people involved (the writer, John Finnemore, in the first place) are doing a great job.
  13. Ah, and for those who haven't seen it yet, there is an hour-long interview with Benedict on The Hollywood Reporter's website: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/sherlock-star-benedict-cumberbatch-being-680622 It's so good to see that he is not only amazingly talented, but also intelligent and well-spoken.
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