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  1. Another update from MagdalenaWrobel.org - there's quite a few new galleries to see now, and the picture count is up to 1000! Enjoy! Stair
  2. Thought you guys would like to know - I just added a load more pictures to the site - Scans 1, Fashion C, Lingerie C and Swimwear C are the new ones. Stair MagdalenaWrobel.org
  3. Thanks Lily! Glad you like the site By the way - I've just added another 100 or so pics in B galleries. This takes the picture total to 500!! Stair MagdalenaWrobel.org
  4. Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm setting up a new Magda site - please check it out! MagdalenaWrobel.org I'm going through my collection of catalogs and magazines and adding pictures - there's about 150 there at the moment. Stair
  5. More pix (2nd attempt!) Pix from Next Stair
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