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  1. Leo on his face...another campaign of utmost importance!
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I didn't know that we could do that... Maybe it is a trip in some near future?. I hope they don't screw them like Lance Bass
  3. So our Leo's going to space? Come Back Leoooooooooooooo! haha What a pleasant surprise to know that! Tks for the pix,articles and everything sweeties!
  4. What? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/leonardo-dicaprios-family-tree-surprise-ancestry-like-great-gatsby/story-fnii5s3y-1226648634334 Tks for those mag covers Sick!!
  5. Tks for the updates sweeties!! Very nice to know Leo will be attending another charity event! He makes me soo proud!
  6. Tks for more pics Princess!!! What an amazing cover mz_linz!!!
  7. So we may have another EVEN (like Princess said hehe) younger model in Leo's life? Is it too much to say that I'd like to see him with an older woman and not necessarily a model? Nothing agaisnt models...please,it's not that! But, the thing is that i'd like to see something different in his life, a different freshness you know? But yeah,it's his life and it's Leo who has to decide what's best for him. Tks for the pics girls!
  8. Hum....I'm sexy and I know it!!! Tks Kat!! He looks handsome!!!
  9. I would really like to know what happened when it comes to this premiere in Australia,but, as Sick said, the reason may be way more serious than this...who knows? We may never know what really happened because we all know that Leo has always been very professional in his career. But at the same time I can understand the different opinions we have here. Tks again for everything sweeties!
  10. Tks for the updates and articles sweeties!!! I need to say that Leo looks HOT in these Cannes party pix!! Tks a lot for Ba'z words Oxford! He was very respectful regarding Leo's decision not to go to Australia. Tks for everything girls!!
  11. Oh no Barilace....I was just talking about the comments I saw on DM haha. Tks for the updates girls!
  12. Leo seems pretty excited at club in Cannes. I dont know why some people care so much about Leo's personal life...let the guy live his life! He's just having a blast here! Tks for the pics,articles and vids sweeties!
  13. Sooo loved this article! hehe 5 Reasons Why You Should be Obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio http://www.hercampus.com/school/oregon/5-reasons-why-you-should-be-obsessed-leonardo-dicaprio
  14. Hummmm....ok then! hehe Lucky Carey!! She's looks so passionate here! Tks for the pics Princess!!
  15. Iupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! :dance: :dance: That's the power of our Leo Gatsby!! I'm sure this movie will be a hit overseas and I'm soooo happy for it! Tks for the pics,articles and vids sweeties!!! Tks Leo Lover!
  16. Wow...great find Joyezz!! I had never seen this one before! So, the Great Gatsby will cross the $100 million mark this week?? This is great news!!! Tks for all the goodies girls!!
  17. Tks for everything sweeties!! Just like Barilace i'm freaking in love with the pics of our Great Leo Gatsby enjoying the night!!
  18. Haha....Leo. :brows: The man also needs a break, he needs to enjoy life too. Tks Oxford!!
  19. Here we can see the same news, but in a different way....hehe Perez Hilton is always soo funny! Game Of Thrones Creator LOVES Leonardo DiCaprio in Gatsby! Will We See Him In Westeros? Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever guest star on Game Of Thrones? If creator George R. R. Martin ever got his way, he would. George reviewed the new Great Gatsby, and fell in love with Leo like never before! He wrote: "I've liked Leonardo diCaprio ever since I first saw him in THE QUICK AND THE DEAD (a guilty favorite) as The Kid, but in that, in TITANIC, and in all his major roles, he's comes across as cocky, brash, self-assured, handsome, with a swagger to him that suggests that he knows who he is and is unafflicted by doubts or fears… all of which is the antithesis of Gatsby. He wasn't here. This is a new, mature Leonardo, as I have never seen himself before, and he does a great turn here. The Kid and Jack and all of those vanish, and there's only Gatsby… trying so hard, dreaming so fiercely. I loved it." Dayum! George loves Leo like Kate loves Leo! He loves him like Claire loves Leo! BTW, we TOTES love The Quick And The Dead too! Sexy young Russell Crowe in the West? What's not to like? We knew we could be buds with George! And so could Leo! http://perezhilton.com/2013-05-17-leonardo-dicaprio-game-of-thrones-creator-george-r-r-martin-great-gatsby-review#.UZfyNMpXrdw Tks for the updates girls!
  20. Leo and De Niro together? What an incredible partnership!! :dance: Let's hope to be true!! Leo Lover,I'm sooo happy for you hun!! I'm soooo waiting to watch this movie, my expectations are very high!! Tks for the vids,articles....tks for the updates girls!!
  21. Wow....amazing!! She said the right words, she described Leo in the best way possible!! Tks Leo Lover and Princess for the articles and pics!!
  22. Tks a lot sweeties for the awesome Cannes coverage!! Leo looks gorgeous and handsome...a real gentleman, he has a natural elegance indeed. It was lovely to see him start the Festival, we could see the happiness on his face! That tux suits him!!! It could be true.... Is The Great Gatsby DiCaprio’s Ticket to an Oscar? Baz Lurhmann’s long awaited 3-D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby hits theaters May 10th in the US, shortly after which it will be honored by opening the Cannes 13’ Film Festival. Spielberg has been named president of the festival’s jury, an honor that has been a long time coming. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the movie as 1920’s bootlegging tycoon Jay Gatsby, while Carey Mulligan plays his love interest, Daisy Buchanan. Dicaprio has yet to win an Oscar despite his past 3 nominations for Blood Diamond (2006), The Aviator (2004), and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). After getting snubbed for his supporting role in Django in favor of Christoph Waltz, will Gatsby finally allow DiCaprio to receive the honor for which many feel he is long overdue? http://filmtrailers.net/2013/03/is-the-great-gatsby-dicaprios-ticket-to-an-oscar
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