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  1. Tks you girls! hehe I can teach you,i mean,it wont be a problem for me to teach you some words lol! Btw,where are you from,i mean you and Barbie?! Regarding Leo,i just want him to be happy,that's it...i care about him,if he chooses someone for his life,it's ok for me,he's an adult and he knows what he wants for his life,of course that's my opinion hehe.
  2. Lol! Tks Fashion Dream,really nice nick!hehe They are insane and silly...they look like psychos! Btw I'm from Brazil! Hello again hehe...
  3. Hello everyone...i'm new here,i dont know about you,but i just hate those Just Jared comments,i cant understand those people,they are really insane! :yuckky: Glad i found a good place to share things about Leo.
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