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  1. Chico and Aiden @ Qingqing Wu s/s 2012 via http://www.youtube.com/user/fordmodels
  2. Francisco Lachowski for Perry Ellis ss12 via hommemodel
  3. Francisco at Lascana by Michalsky Spring/Summer 2012
  4. Hi! I think it's from EY magazine.
  5. yes yes I agree that's what I love about him. the hand gesture, the tongue out, the moving eyebrows, and so many more. oh chico
  6. ^ so excited about that, can't wait. oh my gawwwddd!!! I miss a lot in this trend. so someone translated the mugler chico backstage video and chico said that he's not going to Paris anymore because its crazy and stressful. Is this even true?!!
  7. Can I just like asfasdflksgsg!!! oh my gawd. so many pictures of francisco! he's like the hottest model ever to walk on earth. Why does he exist? post no. 5148, the d&g backtage photos, so freaking hot!!! these pictures are killing me right now. these are the best backstage photo yet. How I wish I would meet him in person.
  8. d&g was a great show, kind of disappointing that chico was somewhere in the last part part. still Francisco was great!!! d&g man fashion show summer 2012 source: http://yfrog.com/kejysaj
  9. can't wait for him in the runway! and for the video!!! Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2011-2012 menswear runway show source: frankiemorello.com love, love love!!!
  10. Love the photo with simon nessman and the second one is hot source: http://lucafinotti.tumblr.com/ so mfw starts tomorrow?
  11. wow, I never thought he's soooo hairy in Post #5094 Love to see him in runway!!!
  12. have you guys seen these pictures? found on thefashionspot.com dying in the last photo
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