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  1. so pretty...lovely pics some old pics ..
  2. omg the new pictures are breathtaking!!!
  3. i have more photos... if you like Daniela let me know and i will post more
  4. I love daniela freitas!! she is the most beautiful thing ever existe!!! some pics from TNT campaign - in israel
  5. Bianca is so gorgeous!! so perfectt!!! her blue eyes are the besstt..and her lipsss...super sexy Loveee herrr thanks 4 all the photos everybody
  6. boring pictures...boobs boobs and again...boobs and her face are Ok...i can't find something special in her <_<
  7. She has beautiful face..like a doll , but in the first pages her long hair looks to me horrible and scary...too long! in the last pages she looks pretty.
  8. OMG Doutzen is amazing!!! Beautifull !!
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