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  1. OMG, this woman is absolutely flawless!!!
  2. Esti will be the host of a new television show called "The Next Star" http://reshet.tv/Shows/your_family_Haolam_Haboker/video/.aspx?bo=10819&vml=218282
  3. ^ its the only photo I found, its for an art gallery by Yaniv Edry the photographer hopefully I will find more soon...
  4. http://angelikagrundlerphotography.com
  5. Lançamento Verão 2014 Têca / Helô Rocha
  6. in Dan Shilon show: part 1: http://reshet.tv/Shows/Hamaagal_dan_shilon/video/.aspx?vml=224767 part 2 : http://reshet.tv/Shows/Hamaagal_dan_shilon/video/.aspx?vml=224768
  7. u wellcome more from the wedding by Ron Kedmi
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