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  1. here they are wijnboerinnetje enjoy
  2. thank you so much ^ this words are so important to me and it makes me very happy have a great day
  3. http://www.facebook.com/ToriPraverFans
  4. http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/561607_544061365621688_417760402_n.jpg http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/9684_544061382288353_257466075_n.jpg
  5. ^ thanks for the link! Im posting it here on youtube for you guys also I uploaded another new one Warning- be carefull if u watch the black & white vid you will fall inlove with Esti very very fast
  6. :wub2: the most gorgeous mama
  7. I tried to do that I wanted in black but it turnes into gray dunno why :yuckky: and the tori praver on my sig is twice beacuse i think its more pretty , I got from BZ a warning about my sig, they say i shouldnt put on my sig anything that belongs to other site, the most stupid thing whatever ^_^
  8. ^ I totally agree, this 3 pictures are very different from her other great editorials, she looks very elegant and chick! I hope to find a better quality of these! lancelot479 - can you read the small letters on the pictures on the right side? :yuckky: its so small!
  9. new editorials from IMG site, hope to find more info about them, to get better quality and maybe more photos, If someone can read what is written on one of the photos in tiny letters pls tell me!
  10. there u go ,found & uploded for you
  11. CARAS brazil - "Tori Praver Stylist celebrates pregnancy" Top devoted countless editorials and magazine covers around the world, the beautiful American Tori Praver (26) displays the proud new silhouette. "I'm five months pregnant!" Celebrates the blonde, who is married to the photographer and surfer Daniel Fuller (30). But preparations for the arrival of their first child not slowed down her work, owner and designer of a line beachwear. "My intention is to create pieces that let the woman comfortable, safe and sexy," says Tori. "I always admired the attitude of the Brazilians," she adds. source link: http://caras.uol.com.br/noticia/estilista-tori-praver
  12. the new GQ editorials are great! thanks
  13. Hey guys, the new video of Tori Praver swimwear was deleted beacuse of privacy problem . he is not public yet, so I will post it again soon when it becomes public, love you guys and sorry♥
  14. new April november fall 2012 267736.pdf 267736.pdf
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