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  1. :wub2: love the Passionata photos
  2. Aphrodite's Secrets activities etc. Under - winning event
  3. Esti in the israeli fashion week:
  4. vid: http://mazaltov.walla.co.il/Article/View.aspx?ArticleID=2526&CategoryID=2
  5. Esti in the israeli fashion week:
  6. ^lets hope she will do it again,thought im not so sure that this is her best work I dont think SI is for her, she has a very gentle beauty and it doesnt looks so good for SI.
  7. Bar was so close to the place I work in today she was preforming Cinderella and she was only one building next to me! come to Israel guys haha
  8. some more at http://pinterest.com/pin/144607838006308316/
  9. The photographer probably cropped them. this photos were taken from his site...
  10. Tori's real facebook page? http://www.facebook.com/victoria.praver.3
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