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  1. Esti Ginzburg talks about pregnancy: "It was not planned,"
    If the world famous supermodel found pregnant, why be afraid to tell Gainsbourg on her instincts when she on the set? These gossiping about weight gain, notice what you think blonde. Wow! Celebs glam Baby
    Stars pregnant can pose just clothes Lmilapiot? Not when you're a supermodel Esti Ginzburg as hot. A few days after learning the local Shtofmodl first offspring in the womb nurtures shared with her husband, Adi Keizman, the blonde came to the shoot for fashion chain "zip". On the set, she was chatting with Walla! Celebs hot figure it changes soon and all those who choose not to encourage her, especially after hearing the exciting news.
      So is it actually raises an heir or regent stomach? Ginsburg is not ready to reveal that when you want to herald it as it did with the pregnancy - he revealed to the world through a network Ainstgrm. "It was very important to me to get it myself and I'm glad I was able to," explained the blonde, "I wanted that I would have the power to decide when I want to release it. Today, is the easiest way to transfer data, after it reaches a hundred thousand followers of my - not complicated understand ".

    Not really thought Gainsbourg, 24, will give up the special treatment and pampering her husband, real estate magnate, has been grown child from a previous marriage? "It's very nice, not just witnesses. Everyone cares if I was sitting, if I drank water. It's fun. "Although these treats can be foods that come, that will cause weight gain and changes in appearance, Gainsbourg reveals that she is ready for it." No one can visit a pregnant woman about her weight, that it just does not make sense. But I do not stress it, it's a natural part of what's going to happen. I get it. "







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