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  1. The GG watchers, did you see the promo for next week's show? Our poor S
    ELLE China - May 2012


    I love her pose. Defines her curves nicely

    I just read some detailed finale spoilers and I'm fucking pissed and convinced the writers hate both Blake AND S. :angry:

    On a positive note, it did save me 45 mins of my life ;)

  2. ^Blake really can never win with that troll (love that name choice!). She really doesn't know anything about Blake hence her need to believe all the B-S she spews. And I just LOVE how we Blake fans know to take whatever she says and just believe the exact opposite of that lol.

    Blake has been doing much more stellar work than her character or the show deserves for the past couple of episodes, her last two scenes in the last episode were just heartbreaking. It seems like she personally offended the writers because they are taking her to such a dark and bitter place and they've kinda isolated her from the rest of the other characters. While it has afforded Blake to do some stellar work, I still maintain that the sooner the show is canceled, the better.

  3. Don't worry yourself Yamile. Like we said, some people are just getting bitter because Blake is successful and smart. And it's never going to get any better as she keeps climbing upwards. It's something they just have to get used to while we the fans keep enjoying her success.

  4. For once, I will not let the haters rain on the parade. Which is getting bigger, btw -- she's getting lots of good attention for this outside of her usual fan base. :yes: I won't let that get lost in mess made by the usual suspects. If anything, take their tantrums as a sign that they're feeling more threatened and envious than ever (may Leighton or whomever they stan for get good roles so they can stop feelings so insecure :p). Lainey... pffft. She plays a game (badly, I might add) of over-the-top criticism and praise to make herself feel powerful, but her opinion doesn't carry much weight outside of her small group of followers.

    Agreed. It's gotten really really good reception from the film blogs and y'know people who actually get paid to evaluate these things for a living. Even twitter has been abuzz, in a positive way, in response to the trailer. I'm pretty sure this movie is going to make bank come summer, and I can't freaking wait!

    Yeah, can I have one of those too? :blush: I mean, I have one -- but in this case I could always make room for another (Savages style, baby :brows:)

    Or... we could just start a whole harem :unsure:? ... :yes:

  5. Ikr? Like outside of GG, Blake has proven herself to be more talented and with more range than Leighton. Funny how they need to keep attacking Blake to make themselves feel better, whatever makes them sleep at night tbh.

  6. oh my god lainey has written some nice about the performance of blake. She must be sick this is not possible it does not say horrible things

    She's probably just hyping up her performance so she can say "she wasn't that good" and "her PR team blah blah" when the movie comes out. I think she did that with The Town.

    She would :cain:

    Did you read her liveblog today? (I know, I know). I was just like :no: throughout. Those people really are despicable to go as far as to wish failure on someone.

  7. Lol Arya. May the odds be in your favor that you bump into her in Utah :laugh: Trust me, I know that feeling about wanting to be like 'in yo face!' kinda like when she got the Soderbergh role at first (boy was that delicious) but you know the haters wont be satisfied until she's down and out of the town. They will never acknowledge anything good about that but it's okay because Blake will keep showing them up starting off with their leader, Lainey. I just love how Blake keeps proving her wrong every single time :D . They try to ignore any positive news about Blake and rather rely on rumors lol. They are so pathetic and it's best to ignore them, or beat them at their own game if you can. That Blake is successful gets them sooo mad and we'll be there down the line, however many years it takes, feeling smug and justified when she gets her first Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild, and dare I say, Oscar nomination? The way she's working and choosing her roles wisely now and getting better with each role, it's only a matter of time before she gets there.

    And don't worry, rant if you need to. There's always a listening ear here and enough of us to assure you that it's gonna be okay. Lol I know what you mean about your family, my roommate teases me about Blake and tries to get me riled up every time.

  8. Don't get me wrong, I think Blake is way better off with Ryan than anyone else, dating Leo for instance gave her too much publicity which led some jealous people in Blake's team to sell her out. But should she not be trying to get roles then spending every breathing moment other that time spent on GG, to be with Ryan. I get it, they are in love n rich n young but hey what abt us? We want to see her do amazing things on the big screen as she is destined to. Maybe its because of GG or maybe she is waiting for Savages to come out and for ppl to change their perception to get more meaty roles? Or maybe the whole "The Bitter Pill" incident kinda brought her down? GG is done for now, I guess? But who is losing out on all this...Us fans, no? Oh well, all we can do is wait, I guess and I am sure until she signs on the dotted line to star in a movie, she will not want the news to leak out now that she saw how cruel ppl can be. How much can a person bear, and I do think its time that Blake gets her dues afterall she has been through this past year n now all she can do is go up. SO finger-crossed, although I have a feeling we will be hearing abt new projects only after the release of Savages, U can never say never rite? I sound selfish but I want as much as Blake as I can get, it that too much to ask. Maybe it is but oh well

    Arya, I totally get what you're saying. Believe me, I know the hardest part for us Blake fans is the waiting and waiting for new roles we can celebrate and look forward to. I just want to remind you of what Blake said herself in last month's ELLE issue:

    I'm a person that takes time with everything I do. And if I make a decision, it's because I'm incredibly confident in it. I'm not a rash person.
    I really like to live by delayed gratification.

    And also in this other interview:

    ...Being so beautiful why you are not starring in romantic comedies?

    : Roles of students from UES aren't interesting for me now. I choose roles which are completely different from my role in GG. This is my principal position.
    I have a ton of offers to play in comedies, but I more likely say yes to a conflicting role in a ambiguous film.

    It gives more perspective into her selection process. If there's one thing we should know by being fans of Blake, it's to be pleasantly surprised by her. She expects the best for herself and her career and she wouldn't settle for anything less. After all, like Halolulu pointed out, she's spent every weekend since the first week of October with Ryan and yet she still surprised us by getting cast as the lead in Soderbergh movie (however that turned out). She only auditions and considers scripts and parts she's passionate about. She's doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes (Penn even commended her for it in an interview) and working incredibly hard, it's just that we can't see it now and yes, it makes us impatient.

    Coming from a background like GG, there's the temptation for her to take a lot of crap and trust me when I say we could have seen her take the lead roles in many bad movies but she understands that she has to establish herself as a talent and a force especially because she's so pretty and people would be willing to write her off because of her looks. She could very easily go the Katherine Heigl / Jennifer Aniston / Kristen Bell rom-com route, and get a lot of money and projects from that but she understands that once she goes down that path of fluff, that's it for her. It would be hard to convince people she's nothing more than a rom-com mediocre actress.

    At the same time, there are so many up and coming young actresses fighting for a place as future superstars and so it's gonna be hard for her, again back to Gossip Girl which doesn't help matters at all. But she takes her parts and delivers every time, like she's going to for Savages. Do you know why people actually hate her the most? Because she's not content being mediocre and challenges herself and tussles with A-listers and Oscar nominees for roles. Who was took the Glinda part in Oz that Blake was considering last year? Michelle Williams, 3-time Oscar nominee. Who stole the Soderbergh role from Blake? Rooney Mara, recent Oscar nominee. Who was she tussling with for parts in The Silver Linings Playbook, The Great Gatsby and The Dark Knight Rises? Natalie Portman, Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Lawrence etc. Which directors is she auditioning for? Auteurs like Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Soderbergh, Baz Luhrmann, Oliver Stone, Sam Raimi, Ben Affleck (who is WB's golden boy right now) etc. And they are taking notice and keeping her in mind - David O. Russell considers her a friend. Even the head of Warner Bros. (which is like the 'big boy' studio) is a fan of her talents. Don't underestimate the extent to which GG limits her too, she can't take or even be considered for some roles because of GG's filming schedule.

    All I'm saying is be patient. Blake is going to surprise us as she usually does. And also accept that it might take time, she isn't going to sign off on stuff that won't help her in the long run. Who knows she might take a break this summer if she doesn't get any projects worthy of her time rather than working just to work? She's talked about how she likes to travel so she could work on her own character too, which is equally important. And I totally agree with you that she probably doesn't like news of her auditions to come out until she gets the role seeing as how people were savaging her in 2010 for even deigning to audition with the girls I listed above. Just be patient Arya, Blake doesn't disappoint. Remember this time last year? With Lainey all but declaring that Blake was over and that the 'buzz' had worn off? And then less than a week later, we got a triple whammy of roles: Oz, Savages and Hick?

    I didn't even intend to write this long lol. I tend to get long-winded :p. I do want to add one last thing that I totally agree that Savages is crucial for her, but from all indications from haters and viewers alike, she totally and completely delivers so that's at least something to look forward to. And Hick? Despite the negative reviews for the movie she, Eddie, and Chloe have been named as bright spots in the movie. I understand the gratification of seeing her on the big screen, but we only want to see the best of her and for that, we'll have to take it one step at a time.

    Oh and welcome EternalMagic :hug:

  9. Hey! eveyone..I tried to convert those video but no luck what-so-ever <_< But anyway I have been hearing awesome things about Savages. Yesterday, Amie was on a retweeting spree n managed to disturb me :jimmy: Lol so I asked this lady who tweeted that she had just seen Savages.

    .M. �€� @munirah87

    Savages was gooooooood.


    @munirah87 OMG! How was Blake Lively in it?

    .M. �€� @munirah87

    @simplyaryaa she was surprisingly good. Its a must watch

    So I pretty much am going to count every second till July 6th :yes: Imma go ninja on someone's ass if the trailer does not come out soon :ninja:

    Lol sooo yeah I am excited :laugh:

    P.S- how stunning are those baby pink Louboutin. So pretty. Also she looks happy n thats all I care.

    I know!!! I loved those tweets. I'm beside myself waiting for the trailer to drop and I hope if features lots and lots of shots of Blake too. I'll hunt Oliver down and cut him if he doesn't :ninja: So glad this is getting such good reception already though.

  10. I'm so angry. Whenever :angry: :angry: I read " AnnaSophia Robb was announced as the lucky lady who'd beat Blake Lively ... These people are stupid . Blake was never interested in this role. As you can see on this video

    They are just trying to get hits for their sites and they know mentioning Blake's name brings the hits. More than anything, this just makes me sorry for what passes as journalism these days. You have a girl on the record saying something is very untrue, yet you continue to write otherwise. And think about how blogs continue to report and write on untrue stories, how much more false are those ridiculous blind items people stupidly believe in? :cain:

    At this point, we have to rely on our own Blake news from twitter and stuff and the trades like Deadline Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety.

  11. Does anyone have links for the videos above that can be viewed in Cananda? I have been searching one since July but had no luck whatsoever. I miss Blake terribly but I guess its better that she is not papped. Just patiently waiting for any new movie roles :whistle:

    Can you search Google for American proxies and use those to view the links? It might be able to play that way.

    Just patiently waiting for any new movie roles :whistle:

    As always. Being a Blake fans teaches patience lol.

  12. ^Lol Arya, we can never have too much legs and luckily for us Blake's legs do go on forever :p

    Deyepee, well you seem to have come to the right place ;)

    Courtesy of Sofiab on Fan Forum:

    post-52328-0-1446092923-05316_thumb.jpg post-52328-0-1446092923-06546_thumb.jpg post-52328-0-1446092923-08949_thumb.jpg post-52328-0-1446092923-11028_thumb.jpg post-52328-0-1446092923-13876_thumb.jpg

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