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  1. Thanks b! How ya been? Love that you added Chanel's Elle cover to your collage ;)

  2. Loveeeee your Edita set! :heart: She's unbelievably beautiful :wub:

  3. I think it's from a random photo shoot. I found it on Tumblr.

  4. Awww, thanks :hug:

    All for Leo!

  5. Yeah Chanel is my absolute absolute favorite. Followed by Anais Mali. Oh I live Behati too :)

  6. I like Chanel, Jourdan, Hind Sahli, Anais Mali, Nyasha M., Anna Selezneva, Daphne Groenveld, Lais, Sasha, Natasha P, Ming Xi, Sigrid... too many to name really. But those are the main ones.

  7. Awww thanks b! Love the Vogue covers of all those 4 stunning girls.

  8. Thanks hun! :Hug: I was bored so I made it :p

  9. That Esquire one and the Vogue best dressed one (her 3rd Vogue), the Allure one with the silver dress and the Interview one.

  10. Thanks :hug:

  11. Hmm. It's a draw between Elvis & Annabelle and the first Sisterhood movie for me. I loved her in the town but she wasn;t in it for long, but she was very memorable there too.

  12. Aww thanks (re: the cover), that cover is one of my favorites of her. It's edgy but she's still a total babe.

  13. I totally feel you. Leo is getting there for me right now, I don't know how I am going to cope, I spend hours reading his interviews and watching his vids on youtube haha. I need to get paid for this lol.

  14. Haha, I try. It's not healthy I swear. I need to stop :/

  15. Done and done :) Yay me!

  16. I just saw your profile comments. Thanks darl!

  17. Haha. Most of the time I don't even realize the comments are there. Thanks for leaving the comment hun! I know to start checking them more frequently now ;]

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