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  1. Please... please no more Dior contracts. They put her in the worst stuff sometimes, even though their other girls look crazy-good! I want to see Jennifer Lawrence unleashed at the Oscars one year, not all fashion-imprisoned by yet another Dior contract. 


    Jen is and was and will probably always be amazing, though. :)


    Would you turn down a 15m contract :whistle:


    according to Tumblr this is Miranda for photographed by Adrian J. Ragasa.

    I looked everywhere but did not find enough info on this image but if you look close, the hair, the upper part of the face & the hands are the same, I did be grateful if anyone help me   :idk:



    I saw this picture before ( on Tumblr ). I even have it in bigger version:




    I also thought that it's Miranda but I am not sure for 100% :cain: because Miranda has wider nose (plus a small hump), longer eyebrows and healthier skin. I've never heard about this photographer. This girl has a little mole on her right hand - Miranda doesn't have.





    Yeah, not to mention her eyes have never been that vibrant. Hard to tell though :ninja:

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