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  1. Just Saw Leeann the other night hosting a late night poker show, and was struck by how she still looks so good. Its been 20 years since she was one of my first model babe crushes and she looked just as hot now as she did then.
  2. This thread has been an incredibly amusing (and lengthy) read lately, and the pics have been nice as well of course . Thanks Everybody for such comical interplay, Keep it Up!
  3. Now if only my name was Caesar
  4. Acme what do you mean ALL the images are put there by you????
  5. Well Actually Lisa May, all of those Lazygirl images were put there by moi, as this image could tell you I guess http://www.lazygirls.info/Laetitia_Casta/x...=Laetitia_Casta and yeah, its a corny title :trout: Acme Anyway if you want to save an image from lazygirls all you have to do is click the 'View Full Size' button above the image and it will open in a new window at full size then the right-click thing works fine.
  6. Yeah that first one is one fine way to sell watches And the second is lovely (and new to me ) as well, What is that Laetitias Singing in her solo? the tune sounds very familiar.
  7. The Duro Posted Yesterday, 11:33 AM I need to start scanning Laetitia again. :shock: HOLEEE SHEEE_OT THE DURO!!!! The absolute bar-none finest scanner on the interweb is now actually a bellazon member????? :hell yea!: Not even half the scanners on the internet are half as good as you! We are blesssed beyond measure by your presence, be very welcome here!! Seriously your scans are all among the finest electronic pics of My godddess I have theres More but thats enough to get the message across methinks Now get cracking on those new Laetitia Scans !!!!!!!
  8. Rob S that pic and Sukis scans of the Elle mag deserves even more :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!:
  9. :lost: Why suddenly so quiet?
  10. You know, I've often wondered what it would have been like to have had a sister, And I also often wonder what its like for him to have the most beautiful woman in the world for a sister.
  11. Its a sad commentary on the state of the fashion industry that the person ahead of me in the SI vote called Laetitia disproportionate :persuazn: Yeah that what I said too The ONLY Supermodel with a real womans body instead of a clothes hanger with eating disorders gets called disproportionate
  12. Disproportionate? Laetitia Is the only Super-model who has a real womans body instead of a mannequins. Laetitia
  13. Laetitia, though Marisa is a worthy foe for her in this competition.
  14. Gee, I feel almost bad adding to the complete rout, but Laetitia
  15. WOW that is freaking awesome Lisa.
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