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  1. OK SO that video is crazy awesome. Beyond words <OMG>
  2. I wonder how much he earns. There should be some kind of ranking not just about which male model is most popular, in demand, etc, but also about how much do they earn. Or how much are they worth. Just to compare if the difference in earnings between men and women is that big really.
  3. There's just something SO amazing about this photo when he's having his hair done and the other model's having her make-up done. It's, like, there could be a whole story to this one photograph. Sometimes 'behind the scenes' photos are like art, really.
  4. Personally I was already in love with this song before because I completely live in the 80's and the 90's. And yes,you're right,Marlon and Chico stands out in the video but I think we say that because we're fans of them. I love 80s and most of even the most horrible songs from back then (90s not so much...), but I just didn't like this song. BUT I think its beat fits in with the editing here. And...I was thinking about this video - in the end, I don't think I said Marcisco stands out because I'm their fan...there's just SOMETHING about them, I don't know...With Francisco here maybe it isn't so transparent because he's all over the place, so Marlon's example here is better (Sorry mods, I know it's not his thread but it's only to describe what also applies to Chico...!) - Marlon shows up only a few times - comparing to Frankie - and yet, he's SO memorable that he overshadows others. AND - Oh my God - that Pull&Bear video is adorable. The music's a little annoying but everything else is so good. I might be wrong, but for me it's got the typical feel of this brand - or, maybe rather not the brand itself but its campaignes haha.
  5. ^ It's amazing how this rather cheezy (in my opinion) song becomes perfect with the right footage It's also quite amazing how Francisco and Marlon totally stand out in this video, I think they're more memorable than others, I don't know? Maybe it's because they've got really characteristic face features, and maybe it's because I wasn't entirely objective... :D
  6. ^ why would anybody say anything nasty about Francisco, though? I mean, he's seems to be such a trouble-free person, lol. I don't know Portuguese but I think he's simply now walking any shows in Paris, and in the previous seasons he's never walked much in Paris anyway so it shouldn't be a surprise here
  7. ^ these Frankie Morello photos are awesome, even though on the photos with the orange jacket, Francisco looks totally scared. Like - OMG I Don't wanna go on this runway :) And, still, this hairstyle at Cavalli makes me cringe!
  8. Yes u are totally right. With that style you can definitly see his 50% Polish No, I actually meant it the other way around, lol. With that hairstyle, he looks more Asian than Polish (he doesn't look like a guy with Slavic kinds of looks AT ALL, by the way Still, the fact that he's 50% Polish makes me so idioticallly happy ahahaha
  9. OMG @this photo from Giorgio Armani! I think it's the first time I see him with hair like that (although I might be wrong). Wow. This hair makes him look more...oriental, I guess. and less boyish. I guess.
  10. ^ This fishnet jacket (or whatever that is...) at Dolce&Gabbana is so amazing, by the way.
  11. I've seen the cover floating around tumblr for a few days now, but, oh my god, these photos are SO amazing! (and how is it off topic to discuss Chico's fbFANpage? It's not like his personal page...People you all need to chill on that one!) And, also, it's SO soo good to see a lot of new stuff here! I was such a dead silence before the fashion week :D
  12. ^ wow, he walked so many shows. but, speaking of his hair again, I STILL think that this Carlo Pignatelli show - that this hairstyle is better for Chico than how he looked in Cavalli. But, OMG, it's crazy nonetheless. AND I love all the photos from Ermanno Scervino when he's wearing hat (And, speaking of Scervino, I remember the times when in that famous fashion tv interview with Chico he couldn't even pronounce Scervino correctly. He's certaintly come a long way! )
  13. Well, now I'm curious But then, again, it would be even weirder if they didn't change his hairstyles for various shows. At least he doesn't look like Bruno Mars (because he did in some photos with a certain hairstyle....)
  14. ^ Yay! So many new photos But, can I just say that he looks just so weird on these Cavalli runway photos? I guess it's that hairstyle or I don't know...
  15. OMG FINALLY! I hope there's going to be loads of live streams. I just love fashion weeks
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