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  1. i love the MET dress! i love her legs! Nothing "bumby" there! haha!
  2. how does one say they don't have an abbey dawn tattoo when it is clearly seen in a photo in the photo shoot? 0.o
  3. bjorkian


    At 15 i would have never guessed she would grow up to be sooo beautiful! I love her attitude even as a kid!!
  4. She does seem a little off in all her video interviews but when i read a magazine interview she seems really normal and not snotty at all. In the pics on the beach with Behati..... where did her boobies go?? Dea, those pics are awesome! thanks for sharing!
  5. bjorkian


    Gorgeous! Thanks Michelabella. I miss those days...
  6. Thanks Pichichi! Her pose reminds me of young Gisele, LOVE IT!
  7. i know pink hair has been done by every famous female, but i am loving Katy with the pink and roots! I'm being a lavendar haired Katy Perry for halloween!!
  8. phew, for a second i thought she saved her hair off.
  9. i just want to show some lindsay love! She seems so approachable. I like that she isn't always laughing like some of the other models. She just seems so normal and i love that! I hope she goes far in the fashion world, for years to come!
  10. The make-up for Blumarine is :yuckky: but Lindsay kills it in that jacket! Thanks Spade for the pics!
  11. totally is! Check the belly bottun!
  12. you can really tell who the vetrans are. Some of those models looked like they may break on the runway. Candice sure can handle the runway!
  13. Thanks for the pics Viola. She looks very different in the guitar hero picture. Very different.
  14. there are a few of her with her new dog on her blog..... marisamiller.com
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