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  1. I think you are absolutely right! Man I was way off...case solved! Thank you very much sir, you have my gratitude
  2. Hello there, I've been looking for the name of this model http://www.billabonggirls-usa.com/files_pr...244_c1_1_zm.jpg Please do not hotlink images. Click here to read more about hotlinking. -Post edited by Lady Fatale I saw this pic in a new Eastbay catalog, and discovered more of her on the Billabong website this page in particular: http://www.billabonggirls-usa.com/product-cat/113/dresses I've been searching the web as i'm usually able to find these kinda things on my own, but I figured i'd swallow my pride and get some expert advice on the matter (and yes you peeps are definitely experts compared to me ) So far the only models i've come across that I think could be her are Brook Power, Mariko Berg and Chesley Carele(Tolentino) and I've also considered Fo Porter and Samantha Basalari. She has a sort of Young Britney Spears/Jessica Alba/Emily Browning kind of face imo. Also considering the brand of clothes she's probably a board sports model, I figure she is at least hawaiian and possibly is with Jet Set Models, but this is all speculation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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