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  1. I don't think it's weird. She has the same pretty smile of Julia Roberts, and she always had, look here: http://irinashaykclub.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=20639&fullsize=1
  2. Irina will be soon on the big screeen : D congratulation to her here the news: https://apps.facebook.com/thrsocial/news/enjoy-movies-chris-pine-gael-garcia-bernal-matt-on-demand-349568
  3. I saw a new image in the intimissimi's store. seems to belong to the service for Intimissimi snapped in New York some some time ago. I hope that someone will find the image online and places here. It's very nice, an elegant b/w shoot ; )
  4. Tanya will be the new face of the summer collection. Irina is no longer on the intimissimi's catalog by few years. she's the ambassador, but it's a different thing. I don't know if alyssa'll be used as an ambassador too. but she will not do catalogs for them. here is the source this http://www.allamoda.eu/tanya-mityushina-sa...di-intimissimi/
  5. No : ) she'll replace alyssa miller. Irina now is only the ambassador of the brand. : D
  6. I've found an old photo on a fashion magazine. I think that it was never posted. I really like it, it's intense but delicate and feminine.
  7. new and fab ; ) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/707/immaginerc.jpg/
  8. Maybe she'll be the new face of roberto cavalli too .. I hope so.
  9. I really like this photo.. it's new and fresh. don't you think? : )
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