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  1. Hey, i think he deserves his own topic. Anyways can people please post pics of him. (Both on and off the field). Thanks guys i dont know how to upload pictures.
  2. Hey luno, what is name of the website you got those totti's pic from. The one above.
  3. ok when i click on a page. sometimes it tells me an error has occured and that i need my password and username. even when i do that is till cant open page? Sorry i couldnt find anything thing addressing this issue.
  4. Thanks Ann Mary.....i must be blind
  5. yesterday she was in show of rosa ch
  6. i havent seen her in any runway pic from olympus fashion week. Is she modelling for any line?
  7. his head is shaped in a funny way.
  8. Ronaldinho is not going out with the french model. Anyways he released a statment after the sun wrote that stupid article that he dosent even know the girl. Have you ever seen a pic of her with ronaldinho or Ronaldinho talk about her? the girl is just looking for publicity. One playboy writer tried to but her on the playboy magazine he interviewed her, he later realised she was fake. The pic of her in the Sun is not her, its another model. She gave a pic to bild magazine of a girl and ronaldinho at a beach. She said it was her. Which was a lie because that pic was actually a commercial that ronaldinho took for trident, that only aired in brazil. i dont even know if she is really a model or just trying to be model
  9. Sinha, what is the name of the girl in your avatar? And as for Raica, i really dont feel sorry for her, if he really cheated on her. He used her to show off and she used him to help her career. She knew about his history and seems to have turned a blind eye to it. Oh well, i wonder who is the next model he would start dating.
  10. from here .. 'I_Love_Raica_and_Ronaldo' gave the link i just showed a part of it welcome here Thanks i guess we would find out in the next few days, if its true or not
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