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  1. Let's not get too sad. At least her number one spot is secure for the time being. If Jankovic had mad it to the Wimbledon finals, it would've knocked Ana down.
  2. I think there's still reason . . . there's always Jankovic. And if she wins Wimbledon, Ivanovic drops in rank from number one. I doubt that she has the skill necessary to beat one of the Williams sisters, but you never know.
  3. Give her time . . . she needs to recover from Wimbledon . . . I think she became number one and wasn't expecting the amount of pressure that was placed on her. I'm willing to wait if that means Ana will be at the top of her game at the US Open. This Ana I watched at Wimbledon wasn't the one I became a fan of a couple of years ago.
  4. August 25th, If I remember correctly.
  5. Yeah, she did lose . . . that really sucks. But she hasn't been playing well and I believe she won her previous match by luck. Hopefully she can make a strong comeback for the US Open.
  6. She finally won! 6-7, 7-6, and finally 10-8 . . . that was one hell of a match.
  7. She's a beautiful women, I must admit.
  8. knucklehead

    Tara Reid

    Literally or metaphoricly?
  9. Heh, I didn't think anyone would be so excited about a Commander Keen avatar. I just use that avatar because I have yet to see someone else use one.
  10. Yeah, I cannot believe she almost ruined her body forever. She was so hot in Mean Girls.
  11. Goddamn, sha, those are perfect!
  12. It's kinda depressing that she's already past her prime.
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