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  1. Its like not loading. Am I the only one?
  2. Yes, the newsstand version is different.
  3. And a video here http://multivu.prnewswire.com/mnr/dannon/41823/
  4. My Spanish is excellent. So, if you get it I can translate it. I just can't type it.
  5. Hey, Heidi's Halloween party will be life streamed today at Modelina.
  6. Thanks EZ_C for scanning the images. Looks like a great book. Are you enjoying it?
  7. Wow, thanks for the this article. EZ_C, I loved it.
  8. Really? I wonder if that's a new episode? Since she's had the Lou she's been MIA.
  9. You know you are going to get it. LOL.. don't fool yourself. he he.
  10. If nothing else I want the article.
  11. We need bigger versions of these *cough*jal718*cough* Thanks MjAtaura. Yes, I heard the cough.....where did these come from? I am fairly certain that some of the images are her when she was on the cover of Forbes and I think the second set are for Citizen K.
  12. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ABYYRTYA I found the video. I haven't had the time to upload as I am not using a good connection. Anyways, please let me know if it good quality. I also can't vouche about viruses. So, let us know about the status of that. ENJOY, otherwise.
  13. I am pretty sure that screen shots were posted here in the past and I think Sanja capped it so you can see her. She was only in the movie a couple of seconds. She didn't speak she was in the background.
  14. The movie? I saw only Gisele in it She is in there. She is in the Paris section where they are fashion week. She was in the front row in one of the shows.
  15. Thank you, Thank for the Heidi interview and I thought she was so funny. One of the funniest she's done.
  16. You mean like MjAtaura did? :magic: Yeah, you tell him. Can you tell that we are very bitter about not getting that video?
  17. ^^But, but.. now we don't have the Regis and Kelly Video.
  18. Thank you to everyone for all the updates. I am still looking for that Regis and kelly video. I need it.
  19. I guess no one has the video of Heidi Klum at Regis and Kelly? That's a bummer.
  20. Yes, EZ_C, I agree that show Models on the Runway is odd. I am already scared of what lifetime is doing. BTW, does anyone have the video from Regis and Kelly?
  21. Thanks for this. Where did you find article? What's the link for it?
  22. Which issue of Marie Claire is this? I am wondering the same thing. I know I've never seen these pictures before.
  23. Thanks for the hard work. Amazing. I really really appreciate you doing the article loves it.
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