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  1. You think nobody cared about getting topless pictures of the flagship model of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret? What I am saying is that paps probably didn't care enough to follow her to her vacation spot. From these images you can tell they were taking with a long lens so one would assume she is a private beach with her family. When she was a SI model she was just starting and frankly not a recognizable enough name to have a pap detail after her. She always said she goes topless when she is on a private beach. I remember seeing pictures of her with Flavio when she was without a top granted they were more reserved.
  2. She probably did but she wasn't as famous then so no one cared.
  3. I don't think this is Heidi. This woman looks shorter and her boobs don't look like Heidi. And, I can't believe I just said that. UGH
  4. Yep that's where I went. I am kicking myself because one friend was like lets go but another one was like lets just go this party. OH well. That's New York for you. It look like it was a great party but Milk is always a ZOO.
  5. If you tell me this was in NY I am going to scream because I pass by that party on my way to another party literally next door.
  6. based on the mole on her arm, I am going to say that it is her.
  7. Did anyone tape Regis and Kelly? I forgot to DVR it?
  8. I haven't been in here in sometime. But, Thanks to everyone for the hard work. Especially ex_c, MjAtura, Sanja, and the many others that I've missed. I am pretty sure that ex_c would you like a translation. One closer to what she is saying is best whatever you can do is best.
  9. Thanks for the article. I loved it.
  10. ^^Well, I am not really interested in her boobs. I just like her as a model but I did ID her. So, give me that. LOL...
  11. Its her you can tell by the ring on her finger. Its her engagement ring and she always has it on.
  12. Damn, I was invited to that party but in live in NYC and I couldn't go.
  13. Wow, you are on a roll. Thanks for the hard work.
  14. No, she wasn't and that actually would have been a good time to meet her because it was a really intimate party. A lot of the VS models were there like Miranda Kerr, AA, ABS, along with the Countess, Hugh Jackman, Dana Karan (that's her husband old studio where the party was held and hands down the best event space in NYC-- I love it there). I did meet her at a VS store opening party and was so giddy with excitement but I had forgotten my camera luckily my friend took a picture she was cool.
  15. Ha ha. Thanks for posting that video ez_c, I was actually at that party that they were setting up for. One of the best parties, I've been too. If you were smart you went upstairs well the VIP's were chilling and that's what I did. And, Hugh Jackman was so nice. Russell James is so down to earth. He is always out in parties and he is unassuming. And, now I want to see the the entire video to see if I see myself. I saw my friend taking pictures.
  16. No, I know that's the reason she's there and one year Seal was nominated but it always so odd.
  17. I like Heidi and all but I could never understood why she was often there.
  18. Thanks for the video of Regis and Kelly.
  19. Thanks. Ez_C for that. She does look great.
  20. Somebody shoot me. I forgot to DVR Heidi's appearance today on Regis and Kelly. I hope someone here uploads it.
  21. It is scheduled for today. I think he is confusing it wit the red dress and that was yesterday.
  22. Thanks so much for the entire set. LOVED IT. That was a cute story.
  23. What does she way for us non german speaking folks?
  24. Thanks, Pinklicious for these images; they haven't been posted before, and it looks like they were taken during a press junket. I remember seeing that exact outfit before. I am pretty sure it was a taping for the Project Runway finale. I think maybe 2008.
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