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    Doutzen's great but she's getting too old for VS.  I have no problem with her leaving.  On another note, the one you all love who I absolutely do not agree with is Elsa....


    I do like Elsa very much, but I'm with you there. Overrated by some people to say the least :idk:




    To be fair, we haven't seen her full potential with VS. She's always been stuck with that Pink crap. Let's see her in the main line. I think she'll shine.



    I think she will probably look better than for Pink for sure.

    On the other hand I really liked her chubby body some years ago.

  2. So who should VS start working with through the year?

    Who should they keep at the show next year?

    And who should they scrap?



    I think they should work with Kate and Irina. I think they were both stunning on the runway. And they could be great in catalogue.

    I'm pretty happy with Lais, Martha, Jasmine, Stella being used a lot during the year with the Angels. And can't wait to see Elsa's transition into mainline. Taylor should be the next Pink girl.


    Josephine, Jac, Sara, Kelly, Cindy, Shanina, Bregje, Devon I hope also do a lot more catalogue work with the brand and be in the show again next year.


    I'm still not for sure on Maria yet. She was a lot better this year but she still reminds me of a creature about to attack.

    I think that Grace, Maud, Romee, Kasia need to go.

    Lindsay, Izabel, Isabeli, Jacquelyn, Ieva have all done their parts and should finish up. Jacquelyn and Ieva seem will never get anything more than Pink.


    I'm sorry Kev, nobody saw your post because of the Doutzen's news lol.


    I pretty much agree on who has to go.

    I have to look at th rest more closely though.

  3. Who in GODS name is going to replace Doutzen next year. 

    I think someone here was right, that Doutzen has different priorities now (her family), and doesn't care that much anymore for her career. After she got her first child perhaps she lost interest in modelling a bit. Compare her energy in 2008 with 2011. 


    Thats Clauds I think.

  4. I have sad news about Doutzen :o she decided whit her agendy to not resign her contract with VS... So no fantasy bra :( ever... They made the desicion because there are also other lingerie brands who wants her and because of personal changes and she said that you need to stop when your on top

    She's right now on live TV in a late night show, she looks gorgeous tho :wub2:


    Wow no kidding ? :o

    *Running to Doutzen's thread*


    She's right about changes though...she's going Miranda's path :)

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