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  1. I was seeing this coming now everyone will start hating on the poor Elsa as they have been hating on Candice for the past 5 years wow give it a break guys maybe she is just a bit overwhelmed she is not used to shooting for such big things


    Every big model gets hate :idk:


    Especially when they have many fans.

    The more fans there is (and I really mean "fan", not beauty admirer), the more hate they get. It compensates the fandom.

    It's not right, I agree.


    And then there are the models who naturally get hate.

    Rachel, Chrissy, Kendall...


    And Candice is definitely not getting as much hate as Lima btw. I mean, not liked, sure, but not last in the list as Lima is for some people.

    Of course, I dont know all Bellazon, just saying for the things I know.

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