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  1. On the gq spain behind the scenes video he said "she is a rare species, a beautiful freak of nature, a god gifts to a man"
  2. Yes and the funny thing is they have very rare pictures and some of her most beautiful pictures lol. They must be crazy or something, deep inside they know they love her
  3. What a joke, that tulisa girl who doesn't even look as good as irinas feet gets number 1 and irina gets number 95? Sorry but thats just crazy! Irina number one always and forever
  4. I don't know if this is repost or not, but I'm going to post it anyway
  5. this picture is like from 2010 when she had a twitter account...
  6. That photo is from SI 2008 where they clearly photoshoped her lips to look smaller. Here are some pics of her from 2007 Here's one from 2006 Wow. You're dead on. You can see her pics from the SI archive for 2008, and two of them (this one and this one) are same bikini, same setting...different lips. I took a brief tour of the "plasticsurgerydolls" website, and the whole point of the thing seems to be to criticize women who have had themselves artificially augmented for the sake of fame (or whatever). Ironic that the site would use an artificially augmented photograph to criticize someone whose beauty is apparently natural... Exactly I dont like how they insinuate plastic surgery using clearly altered photographs. The jokes on them, thier wasted time and thier website. I see that she's really had full lips all along! You are right, some hating idiot did photoshop that picture, you can see in the mirror that she have full lips, lol talk about photoshop fail http://www.slmsoft.com/fotos/irina-shayk-photo-5832.jpg
  7. The Esquire UK interview (with pictures that the site wouldn't let me copy ): http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showb...or-Playboy.html
  8. Yes she does, its amazing how much a lip injections can do, because to be honest she wasn't even gorgeous before.. BEFORE http://images.fashionmodeldirectory.com/mo...nPicCropped.jpg AFTER http://images.askmen.com/madalina-ghenea-p...32225005474.jpg
  9. Cancún Moda Nextel 2011 After-Party Is it just me or doesn't Irina look even better in candid pictures than in model pictures? She is so so gorgeous
  10. HQs She is getting hotter and hotter and HOTTER love it! And i love that she have a "full face" again, like when she was younger! Maybe she is pregnant, oh god if she is i can't wait to see the baby
  11. Yes, you are right she does have contact lenses no she don't wear colored contact lenses, because 1. even a blind man can tell she isn't and 2. she said herself in an interview that she have bad sight and therefor wears contact lenses, but not colored contact lenses.
  12. irina shayk sat next to lady gaga!!!! you can see her in this video from 00:13 to 00:30. irina is so beautiful and soooooo lucky, i mean lady gaga is the lucky one http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/708376/lady...&id=1673821
  13. no she said herself in an interview that she wears lenses for her very bad sight, she even said at letterman (when she found out she was 2011 sport illustrated cover model) that "i didn't know if it was me because i had forgotten to wear my lenses, i have bad eye sight"
  14. i remember this pic, from her old twitter account, so beautiful
  15. yes it is, i recognize those lips and legs everywhere
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