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  1. Well, I did it. My friend did come over and I let her do it for me. I kidn of think it looks funny and its oh so tender when I put my panties on. I was pretty nervous having her so close but she make me feel comfortable. when she was done she rubbed oil on me. I have to say that felt amazine. She said she would help me again next time. I want her to. How long before I have to do it again
  2. Thanks for all the info everyone. Does this sound crazy. Remember I told you about my oldr friend that was shaving. Well I talked with her and she said she would do it for me and show me how the first time. Shes coming over again this weekend and I just don't know if its wierd having another girl do this. I trust her and am thinking I'll let her. SWEET-me
  3. Lady, I didn't get many replies, did I ask anything wrong. I just don't have anyone else to ask. I am confident in my self, and i think Im veery pretty. I'm just nervos. If this is not the pace to ask is thee another place I could go. I want to do ti but am afraid of in betweem and cutting myself. Sweet
  4. Hi everyone. I've watched this site for a long time and love it. I've had questions but I had nowhere to turn so I thought I'd join and maybe ask on here. I'm kinda embarrassed to ask though. I'm 13 and am getting close to starting High school and am a little scared. The other day my older friend spent the nite and we were goofing around in my room. we kind of ended up naked and I saw that she had no hair down there. I've had it for about a year and its getting fuller so I asked her about hers. She said she shaves it because its the going thing in highschool. Is this the truth. I've seen dirty books with girls the same way. I don't want to be different when I go into gym class and all the other gorls are em Bald. lol, What age do girls start doing that, and do most girls do it. If I do do it what do I do. I pretty scared about that to. Can anyone help me. Me
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