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  1. September. How glad my school times are over long ago.

  2. Finally heading to the woods. Yay!

  3. Hey Miche, where have you gone?

  4. Thank you for adding me as a friend - why the hell I thought we´ve already been friends? Lol me. I took it for granted :))

    1. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      welcome! lol I also was thinking I've already added you lol! :***

    2. Jennka


      At least it´s settled up now :D

    3. SicK As mY SecReTs
  5. Rain. Finally!

  6. Dar Zuzovsky + overheated

  7. I love you damn! *laughs*

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      Love you back! But what did I do now? lol

    2. Jennka


      Just being you is enough lol. "since when does putting on a fur jacket mean high fashion" just killed me :DDDD

  8. Heeey kočka, všetko najlepšie!! :)

  9. Wild cat not dead!!

  10. What more do you need than love? Sanity comes in handy too.

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      Nowhere. Lol. But I'm back...

  11. Hey there :)

    1. Houry


      Hello :)

    2. Jennka


      How are ya? :)

    3. Houry


      Great ;-)

  12. Okej, now I know what the hell is going on :)

  13. Okej, now I know what the hell is going on :)

  14. Andy, I have no idea how to reply to your pm and I´m already mad enough because of the whole crazy change. I´m LOST on this site now! All of my yesterdays posts vanished! I´m MAD!

    1. Cult Icon

      Cult Icon

      even the comments are different! perhaps IT will manage to recover old material?

    2. Jennka


      Dunno about the old material (I doubt that) but finally I´m getting used to the new design. I just don´t understand why I cannot reply to your messages.

  15. What the hell is going on?

  16. As for the house - it

    1. daharsh


      I cannot log in to my original account (daharsh). May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

  17. Great minds think alike :D

  18. Same here Joe! I would love to have such house myself - once maybe... :)

  19. Thank you Danni for such a nice compliment *hugz* how are ya? How about the job?

  20. Glad you like them! :D

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