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  1. By far my favorite pic of Jeisa
  2. Null


    ^She looks tanked But only slightly, and still very beautiful
  3. Null


    We'll see how long this relationship last <_< id get it? from what part is he :yuckky: when he pulled Ale from taking a picture with that asian guy? btw is there a way to download this in ipod version if can, if cant thats kool =) you got it. he clearly saw that she was about to take a picture with this dude. i guess we are all shit-heads from time to time
  4. Its not what you think. The term 'girlfriend', as Iza's uses it here, means friends, or best friends, that are girls.
  5. Null


    We'll see how long this relationship last <_<
  6. Null


    Who is this guy, and should I be concerned?!
  7. Null

    Fan Talk

    I agree that in pictures the blond was hideous, but it actually didn't look so bad last night. However, I still prefer Ale as a brunette. Anyways, the show in general left alot to be desired. I mean, the duet btw. Seal and Heidi was cute and all, but why, oh why, did it even occur? It was kinda odd...just outta the blue, kinda corny. The Spice Girls did well...I like their performance. I also liked the mini bits on each of Angel. That was realy nice to see. We all know how these women got started in the biz, but aside from the money, I always wondered what keeps them coming back day after day. So, the bits were really cool, and a keeper for future shows. All in all, I personally think that if VS/CBS is gonna do all this xtra stuff (in the broadcast) than they should lengthen the show from an hour to maybe an hour and a half. Everything seemed rushed in last night's broadcast.
  8. yes I saw it. Iza looked so pretty tonight (as always) She has slowly became one of my favorites and after tonight she definitely is! You just can't not help but to like her aside from her looks. She has one of the best personalities that I have seen in a long time too. Agreed! Of all the Angels, Iza def. appeals most to me because she comes as close to 'normal' as models can get. She def. has the best personality, and it is genuine, which is more than I can say for the other Angels.
  9. Aww did you guys just see? She was crying Izabel is so adorable
  10. K nevermind I figured it out. Her name is Noémie Lenoir. Her only fault is that she's married to Makélélé. And thats a fault because he plays for Chelsea FC :yuckky:
  11. Who is the model speaking at the end of this vid? I can't call her name...
  12. She's got the face of a 12 year old; boobs of a 23 year old She's cute tho
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