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  1. Rumors say she'd have a rip removed ... I don't think it can be true! Some pics from Vogue - source: shareapic i'm sure she had some ribs removed. people do remove some of their ribs to become thinner. dita does have a 17 inch waist so that's a logical explanation to how she got her small waist
  2. Marilyn Manson seems to be into the big boobed, dark haired pale girls. I hope I never meet him because that's me and Marilyn scares me Pale unless I have a fake tan, of course, haha Rose Mc Gowan isn't really the big-boobed type lol and about Dita's job i'd say she's more a stripper than a dancer/model no ? she's a famous burlesque dancer. i LOVE this woman
  3. ^ thanks destiny! btw your new set by lady_fatale is GORGEOUS! am feeling hungry
  4. ^ knows some facts about me haha ; is a 'college weirdo' , a femaale, and has had 411 posts
  5. dita is insanely gorgeous in a unique way! she's very curvy! i love that!
  6. definitely dogs actors & actresses or models?
  7. done making my new set....of marilyn monroe
  8. likes bands and the type of music i don't like
  9. http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/1095/0marilyntutu2ug7.jpg
  10. thanks so much for those beautiful HQS!
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