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  1. Yeah, hold up here buddy...
  2. You think nobody cared about getting topless pictures of the flagship model of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret?
  3. All this does is make me wonder why she didn't walk around topless on the beach with impunity, and in front of the paparazzi, when she was in her late 20s. <_<
  4. Great scans! I hope more pics are incoming...
  5. Second part of the '99 video doesn't play.
  6. Does anybody have the 1999 SI video of Heidi? It's about 6 minutes long, I think, and around 180 MB. If you can upload it somewhere I"d really appreciate it.
  7. Great, I've been looking for decent scans of that shoot forever, thanks ez.
  8. I'm still waiting on quality scans of Heidi Klum's last Arena shoot. The ones available now are fuzzy and crappy.
  9. Yeeeeah gonna need that one in HQ.
  10. Just reiterating my request for the 1999 SI video.
  11. Can somebody post the HQ 1999 SI video? It's around 180 MB.
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