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  1. no i didn't get it

  2. long time no talk!

  3. yes i had fun only stayed there for three days...sighs

  4. to bad i got married to marisa miller haha jk

  5. its been such a good day for me :) being really productive. so proud. lol even if im stressin like hell at the same time.i am better just got few bruises and scratches after accident no biggie.

  6. awww..ur sweet! thank you!

  7. i am not joking when i say that. i'm not. i was at NYC

  8. ummmm i came back 3 weeks ago. im good hows your day?

  9. sorry i haven't been on lately.. just came home from hospital

  10. uh okay then

  11. it was good talking

    to you!

  12. i'm goood just working too much lol, but yeah stay gorgeous hun!

  13. red_ed where you been all my life!! i been through alot this week :(

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