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  1. Here is one more I found of him. It seems he modeled for Etienne Aigner as well. hope thats some help.
  2. OK, the movie was actually just called "WHORE", and he is credited as "Danny Dubiel", IMDb link here: IMBd movie "Whore", so I was pretty close right? I still cant find the movie on Amazon, i guess it was not put in to large production, so good luck finding it. As for more pictures of him, ill post the last I have, but there less pictures and more contact sheets. Some other links people might be interested in: Model portfolio of Daniel Giordano and Danny Dubiel Talent Profile, 2nd one is more recent. Lets hope someone has more.
  3. This hot young man modeled for D&G, obviously, anyone know his name or have more images please? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone ID this cute guy? Someone has to know. Thanks! These are probable from a few years back, Ive had the pics for 3 years if that is any help.
  5. I think this would do here. Not really a sport most are in to I guess, but he sure is cute right? I can not find many images of him, but he was in the recent Olympics in Beijing.
  6. Daniel Giordano has been around for a while, and when I found this place, and saw he was not listed, I knew he had to be here. I would love to see more images of him then I have, photographer Cameron Frost and Sean Bentz have both done work with him. Also, he played a part in a 2008 movie called "Whores", under the name "Daniel Dubiel", which Ive not seen . So, if any one has any information, I'm sure we would all appreciate it, right?
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