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  1. Does anybody know issue number for this mag? I know, this is russian Vogue, but what is issue, volume, month, year, ISSN or ISBN of it?:
  2. Yeep, this is blowing that way I agree with you.. she seemed like a bad influence for Ruslana.. She try to be somebody, but she can't. Commin from poor autocracy and flying past modelling she go real estate agent to LRE Peter Ashe. She wanna get in this greek community, but as nobody need her inthere, she take Ruslana to them too... And ... not a last thing why Ruslana commit to everything happen is ... because something wrong with their friendship. Ruslana just 'from another dough done'.
  3. Swandt , so F'n true thank u , always great always will be ruse, ..............." in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different' and she was is irreplaceable and different in the greatest way....never forget her, never will..... I know story, more tragic than Romeo and Juliet. And much sadder than Moulin Rouge. The story about ... searching for love, ended in a stalemate... There is no result. When no one different found. When love die within you ... And another story, ... when two girls trying get into model indusrty. And one of 'em didnt pass face control, but another one go easy. And first girl begining to envy learn second girl about right life, trying sell her out. For good profit possible. After one of'em die, another one will call herself ... "korshunova's best friend"
  4. The Love is what you can be emptied. Women are wolves. They are looking for your love. But ... love is your eternity. Keep it away, Why should you die before your time? According to this ..., someone, who must share - didn't. Another theory is someone push her down there, but this is ofcourse bullshit ... p.s. diana, thank you for last long haired bw, she loved her hair, cos long hair was her identity ...
  5. I just wanted to say HI!

  6. selfshot??? Background look like Pier 37 in SF, right? Someone was in there?
  7. hooh, *doutzen37*, thank you very much for the scan. I've no patience enough to read it ... So, partually I found this topic at here http://www.vsd.fr/contenu-editorial/l-actu...bles-de-la-mode (fr.) and here http://www.blitzquotidiano.it/photogallery...maillet-139230/ (italian) (Google translate is in help to) You know what? I just think GĂ©raldine Maillet says ... nothing. Just general speech about beauty, anorexia, young age, models, etc ... PR. Just give us chance read this article in full, *doutzen37*. Thanks again!
  8. her quote "Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably ... And never regret anything that made you smile, but gone" .... what you think? Seems like she has decision to get out. You need just feel that. No? Just my opinion. I still believe in perfect world. Inside this world a lot of beautiful things. Unanswerable question is why many peoples looking for way out?
  9. Hhhhooh ... Brad Pitt isnot your fave, SR?)) Yeeeh, 'her eyes thanhair lips' ... she never heard that when she was here. What would be your thoughts if not 06/28? I think we miss something more than Ruslana Korshunova ...
  10. I can answer. No, thats not a true. I know news came from. Thats, really, not a source ... Unfortunately, many newsstands repost it. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/blogs/the-thread...r-60699737.html http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-was-mode...d-for-her-hair/
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