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  1. hey and are you on facebook btw ?

  2. heyyy i am so glad to hear from you..i am good..gonna complete my grad in a few months..i miss the chats we used to have :).. you still come here, and are pretty regular..that's so awesome...so how's life treating you big B ?

  3. ~ Hello ... Happy New Year to you as well. :-) I'm doing well, thanks. How have you been? ~

  4. hey how are you ? happy new year. long long time. i just came here..and instantly i thought of you :)

  5. Happy Birthday :wave:

  6. bonjour belle fille ! :)

  7. Hey Hun, glad to meet u, you ever want gifs made I'm your girL

  8. hehe thats nice :) ..iv been so into literature in the past months finally got some free timeta role :) literature i tell you really takes you away with it!

  9. ohh you mean carnival ? okay thats cool :)

  10. hey.. iv been good..:) what you upto lately?

  11. hey how are you :)

  12. merci beaucoup lyon :D

  13. great quote...see you sometime..xD

  14. lol yeah...xD

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