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  1. You did alright ;)
    ^You know sometimes I even amaze myself!!! :hehe:


    There's been talk (on other, less interesting, threads) that somehow the brand that gave you Tyra Banks and, um, give us a minute, is patronising in it's attitudes towards 'women of colour' when appointing "Angels".

    There's no truth in the rumour of a "Token Angel". Nor that since The Great Shouty Forehead's departure VS have had trouble replacing her... Selita Ebanks was in no way a hastily employed replacement - as her many years of HF work and magazine cover appearances will testify. And no truth that the merry-go-round deployment of Aminata, Arlenis and Emanuela was a 'testing-ground' to fill the empty Ebanks space. Even today rumours persist on the authenticity of Chanel Iman's "Angel" status - and whether Gracie or Lais are more important to the brand.

    All this is, of course, nonsense. And none of these girls is being utilised any differently from Candice, or Erin, or Lily, or anyone else (except Adriana obviously, pbuh - and possibly Ale). They are all "Angels" TOGETHER - and will continue to all be treated as such...


  2. ^I don't get the point in making Chanel an "Angel" if they're gonna use a different token black girl for every campaign. We've had Arlenis, Lais...

    Yes, this trend is getting very old and predictable. I really want to know what happened with Emanuela :( Is she contracted with Next instead? For awhile, it was very clear that they were grooming her to be their main "black" model (the fact that they do this to begin with says alot...). Leading up to the 2009 show, Emanuela contined doing promos for them, while Gracie did the biofit commercial. Then, Emanuela couldnt make it to the 2009 show which seemed to change things completely. Emanuela kind of fell to the background, as they focused more on Chanel for all their promos, while Gracie did (and still does) the most catalogue work out of the three and the 2010 Valentine's Day campaign. And then theres Aminata, who came out of nowwhere and briefly was being promoted by them. She of course disappeared and they began working with Arlenis for alittle bit. Of course, they soon dropped her and found Lais. They seem to like Lais so much that they gave her two pair of wings in her first show and now are having her do promos instead of Chanel.

    I wonder who will be there next token.. Chrishell? :whistle:

    Also, I dont think this would have happened if they had contracted Liya or Oluchi, but that's just me

  3. Actually she told us she was shooting in Singapore, apparently, with them and then took down the tweets pretty fast. Then yesterday she tweeted how it was an 18 hour preparation for the shots she just did, so coupled with the pictures and it's pretty much sealed the deal! We'll see though, maybe she'll just do body paint?

    I wasnt talking about the Singapore shoot. For this one, she's been tight-lipped. She only took pictures of accessories, which could have been from any shoot. It was SI who gave away that she was actually doing bodypaint by uploading RT that photo

  4. She just basically confirmed it herself on twitter...MJ and Darcie need to tell her to keep her lips sealed, she's ruining the surprise!

    In her defense, she has been secretive about the current shoot she is doing (presumably) with them. The picture was posted on the SI Swimsuit twitter, but it clearly looks like her.

  5. Im pretty sure that somebody on tFS mentioned that they filmed the 2005 show in a different order than what we saw on tv .. I really think that that's the way they're going to do it this year because i really don't see how Alessandra will walk three segments in a row unless she is the last model walking each segment

    EDIT: Found it!

    Also keep in mind that they sometimes edit segments of the show in a different order (i.e. 2005 sexy delicious/russian babes). But it'd be cool to have an entire VS show with its own spectacular closing and then give PINK its own thing at the end. The PINK segment rarely fits well within the show.

    From Seano @ tFS

    Yeah, Sexy Delicious was actually in between Crystal Princesses and Russian Babes. If you think about it, half of the girls in Crystal Princesses would have had changed to change quickly for Russian Babes. There used to be an entire unedited video on youtbue that showed it, but I think it was deleted. This ones shows it too though:


  6. Does anybody know if Cintia will be going to the VSFS casting this year?

    Most likely. They requests certain girls from each agency to come to the castings. Considering that she's been to a few in the past and the fact that they wrote "looks good" on her showcard last year, I'd say there is a very good chance she'll show up again this year. Hopefully, they'll finally come to their senses and book her

  7. ps: every white person has black genes as we are all from africa so this whole race and skin color discussion may be important to you

    African genes aren't necessarily "black genes", whatever those are. But, thats off topic as well.

    It looks like there arent too many pictures of Doutzen in the VS Holiday shoot, which would have been some of the last VS work we would have seen from her for awhile :(

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