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  1. I honestly don't even care if she works does or doesn't work for VS anymore. with the exception of Adriana and Candice at the promotions the other girls look a mess and SO out of place. I just wish Emanuela could get some more work outside of all of her commercial campaigns, but I think they pretty much fill her time so she can't do other things. I know she is in Stockholm and London often for Gina Tricot and NEXT campaigns. but who knows, I mean she has already snagged some pretty big Brazilian campaigns so who knows where her career will go next...

    Exactly. <_< Had they just added her, Candice, and Rosie, it would be such a different story. :whistle:

  2. a small article on Emanuela
    My dear John Arraes photographer was working in New York and visit his friend, compatriot top Emanuela de Paula. When John told me he would be with her, I chose a gift in Mrs. Santa to give it away. After all, she is a pride for us, right people? I admire stories like hers. 

Emanuela de Paula, 21, was born in Cabo de Santo Agostinho. Daughter of a broadcaster and a housewife, was raised by her aunt who is a pastry maker. She did not do that modelão "I never wanted to be a model makes it clear that ...", and since childhood has dreamed of the flash and walkways. He ran after what I wanted, took courses in model in Recife, and struggled there, remember the Fashion Shopping Recife? It was there that she was discovered and soon invited by the organizers of Fashion Week to get to work on in the capital city, and there never stopped. Today, Emanuela lives in New York, star countless magazine covers, campaigns millionaires, international fashion shows and is the team of Victoria's Secret Angels. Want more? She joined the Forbes magazine list as one of the highest paid models in the world!

    I did ask some questions for our Super Top, and she got a little second in his tight schedule to reply!

    Manu said that despite living in NY, spends most of his time traveling to work, and a place she loves going for walks or work is Stockholm.

    Two great moments in his career: when a "Barbie has become a" campaign for the MAC, and other key step was to sign the contract with Angel Victoria's Secret. And guess what the hobby of Manu? Shoot! When not in front of the lens, the more she loves to do is register moments. And he loves being with his friends and family, despite only meeting with his relatives in the festivals of the year.

    The best qualities? Simplicity, charm and charisma! 

Congratulations Manu, and much more success and dreams fulfilled!

    post-31360-0-1446084708-86841_thumb.jpg post-31360-0-1446084708-91268_thumb.jpg



    Two things:

    How many campaigns does she have? I have a feeling she's still making more than Chanel and probably just as much if not more than Arlenis with Lancome. This leads me to my other remark: So she herself confirmed in this artcle that she signed a contract with VS? If so, is her contract already over or is it just really flexible? She seems to rarely work for them these days (its almost as if Gracie picked up her work and even most of Chanels :whistle: ). I dont know why I'm posing all these questions, as Im sure many of you are wondering the same things. I just really want to know why VS isnt utilizing/ her properly. She cshould be easy to market, especially in the U.S.

  3. Chanel - Actually looks "larger" then Candice now. When is that ever right or normal? >.< wtf? The hair needs to go on a number of levels, but overall she looks greatish.... ISH

    Candice - They pulled her hair back so tightly that she looks like she's received a face-life (at least lets hope it was the hair being pulled back, with Candice you never know). Not a fan of yellow on her either. Also looks like Candice has also been taking modeling tips from Iza. Put your best asset forward (too bad she doesn't have one. No photoshop means no butt)

    Step One: Stick arse towards camera

    Step Two: If step one fails, arse profile also works well.

    Step Three: If lacking a serious ass, give yourself one with the power of the scoliosis back.

    Adriana - Needs to never stand next to the smaller girls. If you smooshed Chanel and Candice together you'd get something Adriana's size. Also the dress also gives her ZERO and I mean ZERO waistline (not that she has much of one in the first place but still).... Face looks nice though.

    Erin - o.O Nothing on top, and getting seriously bottom heavy. /DoNotWant And her hair can die in a fire.

    Lily - Clearly... and sadly looks the best out of these woman. Disagree all you want but it's true. o.O O>O o.o O.O!

    MissLimaVzla said it best: Hooker Dresses for a flashy tranny.

    Couldn't have said it better. Im assuming Candice's change is due to her wanting to walk more shows now, whereas Chanel's, conversely, is probably due to the constant criticism about VS and other lingerie/swimwear companies using her. :whistle:

    They really do make Adriana look bigger, even though she obviously is thin. :blink:

  4. & just to throw my two cents in the exclusive discussion, a friend from Holland told me that recently Doutzen renewed in 2010 too, but she didn't renew her exclusivity either, i think Doutzen said that in Elle Holland or some local magazine, im not sure ... So i guess the only 'exclusive' girls left are Adriana & Miranda?
  5. I think Ale renewed her contract recently or like last year because it supposedly changed so that she isn't exclusive to VS Swim anymore (which would explain her walking in Turkey in swimwear) just lingerie so when she does that bootleg VSFS (Monange Dream Fashion Tour) she can only wear swimwear or clothes.
  6. Irina is not either very popular in USA. I remember when she had made the cover of GQ last summer, the title was " the girlfriend of Cristiano ronaldo " there was even no its name in front page. And in Europe it is very known to be the girlfriend of...

    His relationship made known to the general public.

  7. I actually kind of wanted Hilary to get the cover (if not Anne). :blush: Both of them were/are hf models that received criticism for their bodies throughout the careers. But, whenever I read Hilary's thread at tfs, I feel alittle creeped out by some of her fans. :ninja: Anyways, congrats to Irina!

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