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  1. Well, they're heavily using Marisa for a number of reasons. For one, aside from Heidi, she's the oldest Angel- which means she doesn't have as much time as the others to "grow". The fact that she's an All-American girl is another factor. Prior to her officially signing with VS, all of the current Angels were from overseas (mainly Brazil). Also, as English is her first language, it's easier for her to be a spokeswoman for the company because of the absent of the language barrier. In all, I think the executives at VS want to use bring in more American spokewomans like Marisa and Lindsay. On a side note, while not actually "African American", but rather Afro-Brazilian, I believe Emanuela is well on her way to becoming the company's most prominent black model. I have a feeling Gracie Carvalho will eventually be another major black model for the VS.
  2. Yes, KK is six months pregnant, so I doubt we'll be seeing her there.
  3. I''m willing to bet Izabel has a better chance of returning than Selita. Even though she broke her contract, I feel like she has more appeal.
  4. chrisman46

    VS Model's ID

    That's Jessica Hart. She's an Australian model who appeared in the 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition.
  5. 1. Caroline 2. Alessandra 3. Heather 4. Natasha 5. Selita 6. Miranda 7. Angela
  6. Ana Oluchi Heather Andi Miranda Flavia
  7. Elise Katja Angela Caroline Gisele Rosie
  8. Very hard one for me, but Michelle's walk one me over.
  9. I like them both, but I think Izabel has a more genuine personality, so i'll go with her.
  10. 1. Caroline 2. Izabel 3. Rosie 4. Jeisa 5. Gisele 6. Katja
  11. I referred to the show as a "travelling circus" in post 27 of this thread, and I agree with you. It's good news that there is supposed to be a show this year. It reinforces the fact that VS doesn't revolve around just a couple of their angels. I hope they finally give us the "Return To Glamour" that they promised us last year but didn't happen. I wish we could take the best aspects of the previous televised shows and put it together in one. 2001 & 2002 - I really like the simple scenery/back drops. No neon signs and all of that. 2003 - My favorite segment was the Sexy Kittens that Karolina opened 2005 - My favorite opening with the Sexy Santas and diamond bra, and I also loved the Russian segment 2006 - My favorite segment was the final one that Karolina opened with the diamond bra, and I also liked Ana Beatriz's closing. 2007 - .... 2008 - The P!NK segment was clearly the best one of the entire show. In previous years, it was babydoll whore, but they definitely hit the right stride with this one. I'd be thrilled if they used "Supernova" by Mr. Hudson and Kanye West for music. Things I don't want to see... - Pointing, waving, armpits - A short runway - The performer on the runway with the model (Okay VS, you've done this 4 years in a row, it's time to give it a rest.) - Slow motion shots of the models - Caroline Winberg I don't care who opens, closes, or gets the bra as long as the show in itself is of a great quality, and it just hasn't been. Why no Caroline Winberg? I like her She was one of the few that just sticks to walking. What I'm hoping to see is the return of Raquel, Caroline Trentini, Hana S, and Natasha Poly (she'd probably have to put some weight on for the show though). Gracie Carvahlo and Hilary Rhoda would be a plus too. But I agree with you on the waving, pointing, poor editing, etc- it sucks! Hence, Im hoping Noemie wont be there <_<
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