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  1. Yeah, that channel uploaded alot of the Versace and Valentino shows KK was in :ddr: They even have a Versace menswear show that she walked in. Its amazing how much stronger the models and brands were then

    Hungarian model Diana Meszaros opened the Versace show

  2. I dont think I have ever seen video of this Versace show. She, Fernanda, and Carmen (well, pretty much most of the girls there) had far better bodies than the likes of Karlie or half of the current VS team for that matter.

  3. Lais is the Token girl again, she'll shoot tomorrow & Doutzen left already.

    Sorry Arlenis, guess cycling wasn't enoguh

    I'll just be happy if they cast her for the show. So this is the second year in a row that Miranda and Chanel are no-shows? Hopefully, Barbara, Lais, and Behati hold it down for the brunettes.

  4. I find it funny that everyone is paying attention to Arlenis Sosa now, yet back when she walked in the VSFS she didn't even make a blip on anyone's radar. :rofl:

    Trendy is as trendy does :clobber:

    So true. I remember prior to the 2008 show, Arlenis was receving a decent amount of buzzfrom people outside of fashion forums as a black Latina had just signed a major cosmetics deal. She has alot of potential (and still does) and a great personality which is why I was somewhat surprised that VS opted to give her one outfit and didn't even include her in the PINK section even though most of her work with the company at the time as with the sub-brand. Then she seemed to fall off of VS's rador, with Emanuela supposedly being signed and with Chanel's arrival to the lineup (and then of course there was Gracie, then Aminata, then Lais, etc).

    I woudlnt be surprised if VS puts her on the backburner once again in favor of Jourdan or Jasmine

  5. The only models more famous than Adriana are Kate and maybe Gisele. A big maybe. She's considered one of the sexiest women of this last decade and has famously worked for brands in all over Europe, Brazil, America has endorsed food, cell phones, flowers, cosmetics etc. She's not even my favorite, but calling her less popular than Miranda is just foreign to me. I read her Wikipedia page yesterday, and I was just amazed by what she's accomplished.

  6. Emanuela and Gracie are both half black. I think Lais is black and Indigenous, which is probably the same thing as Arlenis. Chanel is three-fourths African American. Given the city that she is from, Diane is atleast part black. Its important to remember that the vast majority of blacks in the Americas has ancestry that is non-African.

  7. Yes, but African Americans makeup alittle over 25% of American twitter users even the they account for approximately 14% of the American population. The age distribution is also skewed. Chanel Iman is extremely well known among yonger black Americans. This is probably due to the other celebrities she associates with (i.e. Tyra, Drake,Tyga, Kanye, etc).

    If they in fact make Toni an angel- which I hope they do- she would tower over their current line up. The same could be said if they contracted Karlied (which I sincerely hope they don't :no: ) Lais is fairly tall as well, so theres still hope that tall girls will make a comeback :p

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