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  1. I think the spread is from Cosmo June 2008. Thanks.
  2. Is there an easy way to find out the model in editorial spreads? Maybe an online database or something like that? I was looking through a few magazines and I noticed something a little peculiar. The magazines list the clothing designers, stores, makeup, hair, stylist, photographer, but not the model.
  3. I came across an amazing set of images created using 3d modeling software. The artist created 3d models of some famous women and did a wonderful job. I've seen more photorealistic renders, but it's rare to see renders modeled so accurately from real people. Models include Jessica Alba, Alessandra, Salma Hayek, Gisele, Adriana and Natalia Vodianova. Looks like most of the images were further improved using Photoshop, but there are examples of straight renders. I can't even imagine how long it took the artist to create such authentic models. I think you have to register (free) to view the images, but especially if you are interested in computer graphics, it's well worth it. It's one of the top 3d graphics communities with an amazing gallery of user submitted images. http://www.renderosity.com/gallery.ez?ByAr...rtist=fygomatic
  4. The standard of beauty, at least in Korea and Japan, is different in one major way. There is a huge emphasis on cute/pretty, rather than beautiful/sexy. Boa is a prime example. Yes, it's well known that she's had a lot of plastic surgery...most of which would be categorized as 'westernizing' some of her features. But she looks like a junior high school girl. If a photo shoot needs a model to be sexy, they can sexy up a cute girl, but I always feel a little uneasy because they still look way too young. There are very few famous models/celebrities in Korea that I would call beautiful. The huge majority fall into the cute category. On the other hand, I've seen a fashion show that was broadcast on Korean TV, and that was very different because they were looking for girls who fit the 'fashion model' mold. In that show, there were girls who I'd consider beautiful, rather than cute.
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