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  1. Not sure if this one was posted before, it's from Rogerio Santana's twitter.
  2. Bel posted on twitter those pics inside Projac make up room.
  3. Izabel is in Rioooooooooooooooo she's on her way to Globo in order to videotape something... I'm so damn curious !! http://twitter.com/iza_goulart/status/10682797989
  4. THANK U, VANESSA! what a perfect pic... really, I fell in love with it.
  5. Yeah, she posted those on twitter. It's a adhesive tattoo of Chanel, she got it in Paris.
  6. Thank u all for the pics, people! I bought Rolling Stones yesterday, d'you want me to scan those pics?
  7. New Cover: M&Guia (from @mamazzafera's twitter, he was the style produces of this editorial)
  8. Thanks Matute! she was gorgeous out there, wasn't she?
  9. More pics from @mamazzafera's twitter: 1st pic: Izabel inside the backstage of Monange Dream Tour ready to walk 2nd pic: Monange Dream Tour team at the airport 3rd pic: Bel, as always on the cellphone, n the plane 4rt pic: Isabeli, Izabel and Renata at the rehersal
  10. From @mamazzafera's twitter: 1st pic: Right after the show having a snack with Matheus Mazzafera 2nd pic: Breakfest with Matheus Mazzafera and Raica Oliveira
  11. Not the best quality, but here it comes some other pics from @mamazzafera's twitter: 1st pic: Izabel, Matheus Mazzafera and Raica Oliveira inside the backstage 2nd pic: Izabel, Matheus Mazzafera, Cinthia Dicker, Caroline Francischini and Emanuela de Paula inside the backstage From @marcellebittar's twitter: 3rd pic: Izabel, Matheus Mazzafera, Marcelle Bittar and Isabeli Fontana right after the rehearsal
  12. From @mamazzafera's twitter - Hotel pics. First pic: Izabel, Otavio Mesquita and Matheus Mazzafera Second pic: Izabel, Isabeli Fontana, Matheus Mazzafera and Emanuele de Paula!
  13. From @mamazzafera's twitter. Backstage of Monange Dream Tour in Curitiba.
  14. Izabel with Matheus Mazzafera & Marcelle Bittar at the Airport on their way to Curitiba.
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