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  1. she does look a little plastic, just like Stephanie Seymour did in her last editorial, or Naomi Campbell & Kristen McMenamy in theirs a few months ago....it's funny because if you see recent candids of all these ladies, they all look more than fine in real life if you ask me... editors might have overdone with the airbrush

    I agree. The 1st & 3rd photos are off, I had doubts if it was really her until I saw her name on the editorial, and the glam face shot is nice but perhaps a little too much finessing.

  2. I´m also having trouble since last saturday uploading images to BZ. :cry: I´ve tried everything. Even pictures of 750 KB don´t load up. I just see "Uploading file" for minutes and nothing happens. :yuckky:

    That's exactly what's happening to me. File size makes no difference.

  3. This one I think is new to the board. 8" X 5-1/2" in store postcard from Nordstrom South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Ca:


    These two we've seen before but I don't think in postcard format. In store 8" x 5-1/2" postcards, no location given.


  4. post-5146-1240753401_thumb.jpgpost-5146-1240753419_thumb.jpg

    WOW! :drool: THANKS srepac! Where does this left one come from? I know it only in another pose from a Harper´s Bazaar en Espanol magazine. Sorry, the date is no more available. I think kargot it. I really miss her here! :cry:


    The left one has been posted here as two separate scans. I couldn't bring it up using the search function, but I made a composite for you. The original files poster were pinup_5 & pinup_6.

    Couldn't get the upload function to work, using ImagShack...


  5. That's sweet, Red, thanks. I'm glad I can bring something new to the board, since practically the entire thread was new to me, especially the Estee Lauder ads! :D I still haven't found my stash of in store brochures though, only a couple loose ones. :(

    The two pics are from an in store 7" x 5" brochure from the now defunct Robinson's-May in Costa Mesa, Ca. That location was upscale and they had an Estee Lauder Spa for a time.

    post-28377-1240173916_thumb.jpg post-28377-1240173956_thumb.jpg

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