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  1. happy b-day

  2. dont know why but i cant upload the photos...
  3. It is her firsts phototest from New York models...
  4. Sandra is on the right (on the left her twin sister). These are the newest polaroids of her from New York models..
  5. Sandra Andziute is very fresh lithuanian model.. she has already been in New York to New York Model Management agency with her twin sister..it was her first travel! height - 178 bust - 83 waist - 59 hips - 88 eyes - green hair light - brown PMST Models (mother agency) New York Models (New York agency)
  6. Some photos from New York Models phototests..
  7. These polaroids was done in New York with her twin sister. Indre is on the left again.
  8. Indre Andziute is one of very fresh lithuanian twins. Her mother agency is PMST (in Chezh Republic). She has already agency in New York- New York models. height -178 bust- 83 waist - 59 hips - 88 shoes- 39 eyes - green hair - light brown In the first photo Indre is on the left,in the last photos indre is on the left too.also I am adding some polaroids of her. 2.bmp 1.__6_.bmp 1.__5_.bmp 1.__8_.bmp 2.bmp 1.__6_.bmp 1.__5_.bmp 1.__8_.bmp
  9. She is not new, already she works with NY FORD, also in Greece and London..I will write later those ageinces..her carreer is slowly.
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