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  1. it's me, Kamile. Am I sure? yes, you are sure! I am the same u suggested to me , to try BZ instead TFS!
  2. i like her, but not too much, would like that she would be more editorial one
  3. joynyc


    I just love this model! go ahead ale!
  4. what's problem? push "choose" find picture, push "open" and then "upload" ,,, Thanks, will try this way.
  5. lo7bi, for that i joined this site;) for sure I just love these two new faces -twins! I cant joinm to TFS so my friend suggested me to join this site.that friend knows about who I am talking , she is registered here too!!!
  6. goGiedre , but from where you got so personal photos about giedre? i mean from parties and etcc? i am just curious...
  7. http://mariemaud.canalblog.com/archives/p90-20.html
  8. and some new photos from them first editorial work..it was for very big american fashion magazine "FutureClaw".
  9. Have found so much interesting info..here is writting about her in "fashion does it better" as more I see these twins as more I love them..fashion does it better says about them: It's all larger-than-life and featuring two girls of a kind. Lithuanian twins Indre and Sandra caught our attention quite a while ago and now their first pictures from NY are strengthening our feelings towards the duet. Hey Dollface! It's all about dolls and you can't really tell who are the real dolls of the editorial by Kristiina Wilson. The matryoshka dolls or the 5'10 lithuanian living dolls ? Maybe both. DollsĀ² and more to come, more to tell, more to say.
  10. In all photos they are soo different, can be in a lots of different personalities, that's really what models need, cool!
  11. Thanks for thread! she is adorable like her twin sister too!
  12. Found this photo.. Indre is on the left.. Thanks, Diore, for me these twins are adorable! :heart: Now I will search more info about them..
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