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  1. clay


    forget about Guti's new 'Noe' tatoo..here in this video Ersan shows his tatoo Guti's b-day'31.10.1976' among his family members b-dyas and says Guti also has his brithday as a tatoo..i've some suspicions about their relationship. http://www.ligtv.com.tr/VideoHaber/?r=1&hid=93971
  2. clay


    Guti those tatoos are too much aren't they? @Kindoli i'm glad u did get rid of your exams i'm more calm down now..i guess i'm just too naive&sensetive for this transfer shits..but yeah so glad Ersan is in our team don't think he would go there cuz u know becuz of his injurie he had to train and also spends his holiday with his parents we are gonna open the season at 24th june i guess and then we're gonna go to Austria btw the other they there was a rumour on the papers that says Real will have the season opening game with BJK..and i must say i got so exciting ..i hope it comes true!!!!!
  3. clay


    hi @KINDOLI i just wanted to share that Ersan signed with us..he is all ours noww..eventhough he speaks how happy he is and also is a wonderfull player..i just lost my confidence on him.i'm glad he stayed but he let me down with his words ...he also said he used to talk with Guti and he asked him what was the situation and Ersan said "now i can tell him it's done, i think he'll be happy" also i trust and luv our other defender Atın
  4. clay


    Is he crying? Maybe.....You know tht day is big day for his son, so maybe he is just too emotional... BTW, he argue with paparazzi outside for a long that that day, he is quite angry about them recently. @clay busy in exam recently, how is Ersan's transfer recently? ohh these exams..just killing us honi don't ask for Ersan.it's nothing official yet but since his club wants too much money and we don't wanna pay and alreday bought 2 defenders andd our rival Galatasaray wants to buy Ersan probably this transfer's not gonna happen.but it's ok cuz turns out he is a total liar,hypocrite just f**king b****d. :evil: he always said how he luvs BJK and her sister twitted how their whole family are BJK fan blah blah blah but now he says i didn't say i wouldn't play in another team.so he just turned 360 degree and to me-for BJk fans eventhough they started a campaing calling Ersan 'resistand and be a legend' means although your club wants to sell u like goods fight for the club in your heart but as i said it has no meaning cuz here Turkish players are more apostate than the politicians.. :yuckky:
  5. clay


    nooooooo unfortunately here a very bad i mean awfull quality video from the celebrations
  6. clay


    our celebration on the plane they are adorable
  7. clay


    Guti haz. celebrating the cup
  8. clay


    we won the Cup yayyyyyyyyyyy here cute Guti,i hope it works =D http://www.sporxtv.com/futbol/superlig/bes...83SXQ?ref=VDIK1
  9. clay


    Guti haz. and Ersan Gülüm
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