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  1. Sugababes latest celebs to get swine flu 3am Exclusive: by Danielle Lawler and Laura Martin 23/07/2009


    UK girlband The Sugababes have been struck down with the deadly swine flu.

    Bandmembers Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah have been put into quarantine after they developed symptoms of the virus.

    Keisha, 24, admitted: "I definitely don't have swine flu, but the other girls are ill with it.

    "We've had to cancel all our events for the next week or so while the girls get better.

    "I can't believe I know someone who has swine flu. I'm sure we'll laugh when it's over."

    The girls were due to meet with US music mogul Jay-Z this week to talk over promoting their new single Get Sexy in the States.

    But they have been ordered to cancel all promotional duties on their new track for at least two weeks - including their slot at the Reading and Leeds Festivals at the weekend.

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    The girls signed for Jay-Z's new Roc-a-fella record label back in April, and it was the first time he had had chance to come over to the UK to meet with them.

    A source said: "This is a massive blow to the girls.

    "They were all geared up after their break to throw themselves into promoting the new material.

    "But then Heidi fell ill and so did Amelle.

    "They thought it was only a cold at first but they were so sick they couldn't even get off the couch, no matter how much they wanted to get back into work.

    "The girls have been told by the doctor that they have all the symptoms of swine flu and they have been told to stay in, rest and stay away from people.

    "Which means there is no way they will be able to meet up with Jay-Z while he is in town - it's too risky."

    The swine flu virus, has so far infected over 125,000 people worldwide.

    ^ i hope they are ok :ninja:

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