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  1. MCUH NICER dress Gisele! I don't think I've ever seen her look this amazing in a long time....
  2. I wish she'd ditch those jeans though. They're so fugly. You wouldn't know she had 'the world's greatest body' in those monstrous looking things... :yuckky:
  3. Filming an Estee Lauder commercial with PDiddy tfs
  4. These two btter put us all out of our - and their - miseries and marry already. It's getting very boring. Two people who truly belong together shouldn't have to have such a difficult and forever fluctuating relationship like this.
  5. not sure if she's with Dicaprio anymore, hasn't he been spotted canoodlign with Gisele again? Oh dear... bye bye Bar' and your high profile status ....
  6. Whilst I most definielty agree with the first few comments, you've robbed yourself of credibilty by being low and calling Bar a slut. How pathetic and ridiculous. So if she's a slut for dating a 30 year old, what's Dicaprio for dating her? He's the one who's in his thirties and is still chasing down teen models. He made a move on Gisele when the girl was 19.... Anyway, forget u.... Here's Bar in another Elle France..
  7. Aren't Eddie Vedder and Kelly Slater good mates though?
  8. I second it - Mario and Gisele - two of the biggest forces in the fashion world.
  9. No doubt Bar is pretty but to suggest she's gonna be a sensation at VS, is almost laughable. She looks like most every other standard generic blonde that frequents VS.... In comparision to Gisele, she's a mere blip on the scene. She'll probably disappear as fast she's arrived. And like already mentiond, VS would never let their most successful model go for someone as standard as Bar I knew the media would try and pit these two against one another - purely because they've both had the misfortune of getting it on with Dicaprio. And the thing is , neither Bar, Gisele or Dicaprio for that matter, will come out and contest the story because a) it's not in their interest and b) they don't want to give the press the reaction they're looking for. When you reach their respective levels of success, you have to ignore every bit of tittle tattle out there. The only people believeing this story are ones that don't like Gisele.... i.e some Leo fans I've nothing against Bar, but on evaluation of her work, I think she's better sticking to swimsuit modelling.........
  10. Michele Alves is still with Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager and director of Maverick Records - and she is four months pregnant (it's a boy) Despite the pregnancy, she will be doing several shows in SP - the last info mentions a total of eleven, among them
  11. No doubt Bar's a pretty girl, but she'll NEVER reach the dizzy heights of Gisele...I think the inevitable comparisions only come about because they're both blind and have bad taste in men.. Seriously, which ever latest model Leonardo get his claws into will always be measured up against Gisele. A lot of his hardcore fans seem to prefer Bar, but give it time, they'll soon start ripping her apart... Anyway, Bar's turning into quite the Elle cover girl...she looks good and commercial enough.
  12. Cheers Lullaby (Y) Some more: http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/3940/im...279687508um.jpg Images over 600 pixels in width must be thumbnailed or textlinked - post edited by impel69
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